Spring Cleaning…For Spring Cocktails


I have been doing some ‘spring cleaning’, i.e. starting a project then starting another leaving previous project lying round (I’m a  Gemini, I like starting lots of projects), and decided it was time to tackle my bar area.


Theme- a combination of my two favorite things, books and cocktails.


We also had these vintage decanters sitting around in a closet, so I dusted them off and was able to replace some of the bulky liquor bottles.

The Boyfriend is apparently known for drinking Maker’s, so every holiday we receive about 3-4 bottles as gifts.   I put all the extraneous bottles in the pantry, which now looks like a distillery.  I need to find some bourbon summer cocktail recipes or else everyone is getting re-gifted Maker’s this year.

 bookcase 2

After all this polishing and cleaning, I think I need a drink.  And a manicure.

owl wine opener{love my little owlie opener, aesthetically great but functionality is not a strongpoint}

Now what other projects can I start…