Leather on Leather…’Downtown Chic’



As I have mentioned a time or two, leather and I are not close friends.  More like distant acquaintances.  Like that ‘friend’ you pretend not to see when you’re out with drinks with real friends.



My friend in LA told me she wears leather when she wants to feel like a ‘badass’.  And while it’s very rare that I want to feel like a badass, I decided to go for it.  Considering I was only walking downstairs to Starbucks, I guess wasn’t really committing myself to the cause.


  While I felt I was dressed as someone else (that must be how all badasses feel), it was nice to dress outside of my normal comfort zone of girlie-girl dresses.

So next time I need to feel like a badass at Starbucks, I’m just a jacket away…