A Need of Neons…

zara- neon

{zara ~ neon pink tote, $50}

After going blonde, I tried to minimize my intake of bright colors.  I started to notice I can look a little barbie doll-esque, what with the neon pink dresses and bright sandals.  A look I wouldn’t hesitate to wear with my former brunette locks.

YSL- neon

So I decided baby steps might be the right approach.

{yves saint laurent- baby sac du jour, $2,200}

lulu guinness- neon

{lulu guinness- perspex lip clutch, $390}

It started earlier in the year with a pair of bubblegum pink suede wedges.  I live in Texas (us ladies love us some bright colors) so not pairing those with another intensely hued dress has been hard.  Very hard.

But last week I went shopping to relieve a bad mood (probably not the best behavior, but honestly who cares, it was needed) and almost bought a pair of neon pink Charlotte Olympia terry wedges.  Justifying two pair of neon pink wedges is hard.  Again, very hard.

I seriously need someone to monitor my extra-curricular activities.

 rebecca minkoff- neon

{rebecca minkoff- mab mini tote, $190}

Anyways, I’m now thinking in the direction of neon purses.  I’ll have to work on reining in my desire to wear with all my other colorful pieces since my end-goal is not to blind people.

And as The Boyfriend informed me when I bought my last little neon pink cross body (forgot about that little gem sitting in my closet never worn…), ‘a little neon goes a long way.’

Well, he’s an attorney not a stylist so he can keep his opinions to himself.

A Lotta Pink…

Sometimes I want something new but my budget (that’s funny…what budget) tells me otherwise.

Thank god for Target.

Pink purse

I had a jewelry trunk show the other day and stopped by Target to get a couple last minute errands in.  So as I looked around for cute party favors and cocktail napkins (surprisingly they had adorable varieties of both) it was this shock of neon pink I kept coming back to.

pink purse inside

Somehow this little cross body found its way into my cart and I’m obsessed.  Love the striped detail inside and the little tortoise lock.

I have a thing for neons this season and this is a great way for adding a pop of color for less than $30.

Me: “Did you see my new cute purse?”  The Boyfriend: “How could I not, it’s seared into my corneas.”

Flouro for Spring ’13…

Sitting on my couch reading Vogue and drinking pinot (otherwise known as my regular evening routine), I came across an article about make-up trends for Spring ’13.

Normally I don’t pay too much attention unless it’s about mascara or glosses (I’m a lash and lip girl), but I was ecstatic to see fluorescents are the new thing.

Vogue- Flouro

To say I love neon pink would be an epic understatement, like saying I like fruity pebbles in my frozen yogurt.  I love fruity pebbles in my frozen yogurt.

Pink day planner, wallet, lip gloss…the list is on-going and it’s endless.

OCC Lip Tar- Nylon

I came across this lip gloss from OCC via Pinterest and ordered from Sephora.  Highly pigmented with a slight hint of metallic sheen.  I’m a little nervous about the goo-factor considering the name ‘Tar’ but if the color is that gorgeous in person, I can deal with goo.

A friend of mine gave me her old Chanel lipstick, sadly now out of production, which sounds strange to take someone else’s lipstick but the color was so amazing I couldn’t say no.  It was a cream matte and in a bright bold pink.  I loved it until the day I had one too many glasses of chardonnay with friends and left it on a patio.

Pink lipstick…you will be missed.

Chanel L'Eclatante

So to relieve my agony over losing the best lipstick ever, I went to Neimans to see what new things Chanel had to offer.  To replace the old color I had, apparently other people had been asking as well, they now offer L’Eclatante.  A new neon pink creme lipstick.


Chanel- Spring 13 Nails

They also have these gorgeous new nail colors for Spring ’13.  They always have the best colors, old-school Vamp still being my personal fave.

Spring…I’ll be ready.