Beauty…Glitter Nail Polish

{; ring,}

I read somewhere recently that darker polishes are in for summer.  I like hearing that since I don’t wear polish otherwise.

My adorable friend in LA can wear red nail polish in a way that isn’t trashy.  I, on the other hand, tried it and it looked quite trashy.

So, ironically, I’ll stick with glitter…

Must Have…Spring ’12 Chanel Make Up

I wasn’t absolutely in love the Spring 2012 Runway Collection from Chanel (I feel strange typing that sentence) but the make up was absolutely gorgeous.

Especially in love with the nail colors…

{Le Vernis April}

{Le Vernis May}

{Le Vernis June}

I think one of the off-putting aspects of the show was the bodily addition of pearls, such as a the pearl spine or hair accessories.

But then again, he is Karl Lagerfeld so he can do whatever he wants…

Beauty…Ikat Nails

I saw these in Lucky Magazine and fell in love.  I normally only wear darker nail polish on my fingers but thought this would be great for spring.

They’re NCLA but these little ikat ones are a collaboration with the LA t-shirt line Secession.


All you do it paint them on with clear polish.  Oh, and they’re $16.