Date Night…Grill Master

Despite being 100 degrees in the Texas heat, The Boyfriend and I decided it was time to grill.  It is Memorial Day after all.  So after grilled rosemary bread and brie, roasted shitake mushrooms, grilled potatoes and asparagus (and steak for the meat eater), we sat in the blazing heat and had a glass of Sancerre.

My mom gave us these amazing little wine glasses from the Modern Art Musuem gift shop.  Perfect for outside use; they’re plastic and have a little thumb indention.  So you really never need to put it down.

Maybe to refill…

Foodies…Modern Art Museum

One of my favorite places to have lunch is the Modern.  Their food is amazing but it’s the view that gets me every time.

I tell The Boyfriend I like to pretend the Tadao Ando building is my home.  I think by rolling his eyes, he’s agreeing.

Happy Memorial Day