New York…Oh, to be Inspired

Intermezzo Jan- 2

{Intermezzo- Pier 92}

This trip was exactly what I needed and I didn’t even realize it.

I only had five days after Paris before heading off to NY and, honestly, I really wasn’t looking forward to it.  Thank God I didn’t back out.

Intermezzo Jan- HD

{Hunter Dixon~ Summer 2013}

I have been working with some friends of mine on their clothing line, Hunter Dixon, and flew up for the show.  The collection was gorgeous, very classic HD- feminine & flirty, but with an added edge.  Exposed zippers, pinky gold boucle and flouncy tennis dresses made me ready for warmer temps.

And Hunter is going to be on the NBC show Design Star this coming season so I’m looking forward to lots of exciting things coming their way.

Intermezzo Jan

Sometimes being in that environment, around so many creative and inspired people, around so many gorgeous prints and designs, is what I need to refuel my own imagination.  After the holidays I was feeling less than inspired, to say the least.  My desire to design and create  and has been refreshed; I feel ready for anything again.

Now to plan my next trip.  Tuscon.  Gem Show, here I come…

Market…& Gelato

I finally was able to attend my first market showcasing my jewelry.  It was such an amazing feeling being able to see something I have worked so hard on come to life.  So three days of peddling my wares to some adorable and some not so adorable buyers…I’m exhausted

But we ended the final day with a  little treat to celebrate.

Pineapple gelato?  Yes please.  Oh and some wine?  More please.

Spring is here…

I love this time of year.

This season is one of the busiest for me at work, and lately I have been going to work before the sun comes up and leaving after sunset.  That coupled with the fact my building has no windows (prison?) it was quite a shock for me to emerge yesterday afternoon and be able to enjoy the sun.

The Boyfriend and I found a quiet patio had a margarita.  In the sun.

It was amazing…