Beauty…Red Lips


Tonight is date night and I’m feeling like red.

red lips

I’ve been scouring Sephora for the perfect red lip stain.

I tried on what felt like hundreds (which wasn’t ideal since they each take like an entire box of tissues to scrub off my lips), but a friend gave me a tube of Stila and I’m in love.   And it comes off easily with eye makeup remover.

Date Night here I come…


New Obsession…Lipstick/Gloss

L' Oreal Colour Riche

new lipstick obsession


A couple weeks ago I bought a couple random drug store beauty products, which I normally find to be a little hit or miss (usually miss).  I had been wanting a neon pink lipstick/gloss and came across L’ Oreal Colour Riche and am obsessed.

It’s glossy but gives tons of color.


colour riche 2


I love a little more color around the holiday season so decided to go back and get a couple more.  My basic collection is complete; a glossy red, neon pink and nude.

One for every occasion…

Beauty…Drugstore Buys

On occasion, I just want something new.

So when I want to branch out a little, short of a $300 trip to Neimans, I use my Makeup Alley app (I swear iPhones can do anything) and find new amazing, inexpensive products and head out to CVS.

  It can be hit-or-miss but this time I struck gold.  Apparently the new thing is CC cream (“color correcting”), which is disconcerting because I had just finally figured out the whole BB cream thing.  It’s like iPads, there will always be a new one as soon as you buy yours.  Aggravating…

The best CC cream was listed as Olay Total Effects~ “tinted, anti-oxidant packed, skin care/make-up hybrid”.  They’re lighter weight than a BB cream and have higher SPF.  The Boyfriend jokes about my use of 110 SPF, that one day my skin will be translucent.  I’m very lucky, he’s really is charming…

But what stopped me in my drugstore tracks was this adorable little hot pink gloss/lip stick.  Glossy but pigment rich, I will always have a thing for pink.  The brighter the better.

{L’Oreal Colour Riche in Pink Vinyl}

   I haven’t ever been a big lipstick fan, as make-up in general makes me a little nervous.  It all stems from my older brother and my first foray into the world of beauty products.

On my 14th or 15th birthday, my mom took me to the Clinique counter and had the woman teach me about make-up and how to put it on.  I was purchased all things needed to outfit a first timer with a full make-up regimen.  Concealer, foundation, bronzer, blush.  Unfortunately the list it went on and on…

I went home, put on all my new make-up (and I mean all) and debuted my new adult look, which might have fared somewhere inbetween orange and clownish.  The laughing and my brothers response,  “what the hell happened to your face?!” managed to forever impact my view of make-up.

So these days, I rarely branch out from my mascara and pinkish clear lip gloss, but unlike when I was 14, this drugstore trip proved beneficial.

Baby steps…

Date Night…50’s Style

I love that black winged eyeliner is big for fall.  This time of year, when the weather starts to cool, I love getting dressed up.  So since The Boyfriend and I had to work all weekend, we decided to have a low key date night.

Time to dress up.

{winged liquid eyeliner & pale pink gloss}

{Hunter Dixon Peppy Coat, vintage dress}

It’s finally cool enough for opaque tights and tall heels, one of my favorite if not absolute favorite looks for the fall season.  So I went with a girlie military coat and a little vintage dress (little because it was accidentally thrown into the laundry pile…).  And I was ready for a date.

Honestly, the coat is my most treasured piece of clothing in my closet.  Well, that and my grandmothers velvet Pucci maxi skirt from the 60’s.  That I’m saving for holiday parties.

Bourbon, bitters and passion fruit purée.  Yum…

Forget work.

Beauty…NARS & Warhol

Apparently there are lots of beauty products I will be buying this holiday season.  Karl Lagerfeld & Shu Uemura. Check.  NARS & Warhol.  Obviously.

For someone that doesn’t really wear make up, just owns a heavy arsenal of mascaras, I still love buying beauty products.  My bathroom counter, drawers and shelves are littered with products deemed ‘must-have’ at the time.   And this is no exception.


What better line to pay homage to Warhol’s massive influence on pop culture than NARS?

Francois Nars, founder and creative director talks about how he has been influenced by the artist, ” What I loved about Warhol’s world was that he took elements from the past and made them his own. That’s what we have done with this collection: we have taken taken Andy’s ‘world’ and made it modern”.  Coming in November.

Pink please.

Fall Make-Up…


I guess my love of beauty products started early, along with my love of fashion.  I think my mom created a monster.  I’m not sure at what point the monster reared its head but it happened.  And it happened early.


Red lips are big for Fall, and with this news I’m ecstatic.  Also, black kohl lined cat-eyes which is another one of my faves, very old school look.

 So, I’m headed off to the Chanel counter for a little make-up update.  Red lips and messy bun, here I come…

Karl Lagerfeld & Shu Uemura…Heaven

I wake up this morning to news Karl Lagerfeld is joining Shu Uemura, launching a one time holiday collection for the beauty line.  To say I was ecstatic is an understatement.

I love Shu Uemura; I have tons of their fake lashes and beauty products.  I haven’t really ever tried their make up but will definitely give this a try.  It’s described as Lagerfeld’s “iconic, ironic style.”

The article also mentioned that the Chanel Creative Director has used Shu Uemura to hand color his design sketches for the last two decades.  Oh my god, that’s fascinating.

I will be first in line to buy all this.  I don’t even need to see it first…

Must Have…Spring ’12 Chanel Make Up

I wasn’t absolutely in love the Spring 2012 Runway Collection from Chanel (I feel strange typing that sentence) but the make up was absolutely gorgeous.

Especially in love with the nail colors…

{Le Vernis April}

{Le Vernis May}

{Le Vernis June}

I think one of the off-putting aspects of the show was the bodily addition of pearls, such as a the pearl spine or hair accessories.

But then again, he is Karl Lagerfeld so he can do whatever he wants…

Must Have…Candy Store Pouches

I saw these little cuties in Living Magazine and think I need the pink one.  They are just cheap little silicone accessories, like eyeglass cases, mirror compacts, makeup bags, etc.  Perfect replacement for any messy make up bag (mine currently only consists of perfume, neon pink lipstick and a quarter) and the colors are such that they are easy to find in any monster handbag.

Side note: I think I need to start scaling back the size of my purses, I look like I’m moving out when I leave the house.

Oh, and they’re only around $20…