Vintage Horoscopes…

{Horoscope Collection~ M Elizabeth Designs}

I have been wanting to do something with a horoscope aspect since starting my jewelry line two years ago.  Just typing that was a little shocking, I can’t believe it’s has been two years now.  I recently found a supplier with vintage zodiac charms and decided to create a permanent collection around it.

Each piece will be made of the sign’s stone, detailed with birthstone and vintage hand carved charm, with a little card of info added.

Who knew Wednesday was my best day of the week?  I’m going to start playing lotto.

Market…& Gelato

I finally was able to attend my first market showcasing my jewelry.  It was such an amazing feeling being able to see something I have worked so hard on come to life.  So three days of peddling my wares to some adorable and some not so adorable buyers…I’m exhausted

But we ended the final day with a  little treat to celebrate.

Pineapple gelato?  Yes please.  Oh and some wine?  More please.

Beauty…Glitter Nail Polish

{; ring,}

I read somewhere recently that darker polishes are in for summer.  I like hearing that since I don’t wear polish otherwise.

My adorable friend in LA can wear red nail polish in a way that isn’t trashy.  I, on the other hand, tried it and it looked quite trashy.

So, ironically, I’ll stick with glitter…

Time to get started…

Not having a job really makes you hit the ground running.

That said, I have accomplished more in the last five days than I have in the last five weeks.  It’s been really amazing the overwhelming support I’ve received, I guess opportunities are always there you just have to open yourself up to them.

So here we go…


Trunk Show Weekend…


Some girls and I got together and had a huge trunk show over the weekend.  One of my favorite friends hosted in her home, we took over her whole house.


Each room was a different little shop, so lots of great gifts, art and fun foods.

A friend who owns a baking company makes the most delicious little choco cookies.  I bought some for an upcoming party I’m hosting.  I figure pair with champagne…easy dessert.


So fortunately it helped me get a lot of Christmas shopping out of the way.  Adorable little booties for my niece, cookies and great little  hor d’oeuvres for my party and a couple little stocking stuffers for friends.


I ended up spending a little too much money but it was definitely worth it…


I have actually been quite productive today.  Not my normal Saturday routine…


I have been designing Spring 2012 for my jewelry and I am obsessed with all the color.  I have been ordering stones from India, among other places, and basically wait for the UPS man at the door every evening.  I found some absolutely gorgeous lapis that I think I want to center a lot of the line around.

So after getting a lot of that out of the way, I sold some more furniture on craigslist (people will buy anything).  One day I really need to start buying furniture as well…