monthly plannerMy Monday mornings involve a strategic planning meeting with my cup of coffee and my planner.  Usually this consists of me drinking about five cups of coffee and looking at instagram on my phone.

All I have on the books this week is scouring antique stores for a vanity table (I haven’t discussed this with The Boyfriend yet but I’m sure he’ll agree this is a sensible buy) and designing bride and bridesmaids jewelry for a wedding in Canada.

But first, just one last peek on instagram.



parties parties parties…

IMG_0425Since it’s getting close to the holidays, as I mentioned below I’ve already started Christmas shopping for myself (I need to be put in Christmas jail), I’m hosting my obligatory trunk show.

Jewels as far as the eye can see.  And wine…


where is my office…

officeMoving when you work from home is less than ideal.

It took days to figure out which boxes were which, and it makes you quickly realize how much junk you actually own.  In my case, I realized I mostly only own junk.

office desk

But finally, in a box someone labeled kitchen, I found all my jewelry/office/shipping things and set up shop.  Judging by the handwriting, that someone was me.

Apparently moving is not my strong suit.

bathroom plans

So now I can resume my life of designing jewelry with the added task of designing bathrooms.  Maybe I should become a general contractor.  I can take southern Louisiana by storm, building houses in stylish jewels.

Happy Cinco de Mayo…

May Necklace{}

I’m feeling a little festive and today seems like a prime opportunity to add a little color.

margaritas- cinco de mayo

And after arriving back from a vacation full of rum punches and piña coladas, I return to Texas to find it’s time for margaritas.

The Boyfriend is in New Orleans so I guess I’ll be making margaritas for one later.

Which is probably for the best, tequila makes me a little feisty…

Sparkle for Tuesday…

mary janes

Today I needed a little something extra.  It started with a little espresso in my coffee this morning and then apparently later in the afternoon, ‘a little something extra’ tuned into jewels and rose gold glitter mary janes.

And a coat a paint.

midi rings

A date lunch with The Boyfriend, cream colored nails and midi rings.  What more could a girl want…


Getting Beach Ready…

beach tote

Aside from working out (I would say I’m too busy, but let’s be honest…I’m not) I’m trying to get beach ready.

New H&M striped bikini?  Check.

Gorgeous handmade turquoise necklace?  Check.  I like to accessorize- think colorful jewelry, not swim suit in stilettos.

Latest Travel & Leisure? Check.  I need to plan my next adventure; I was thinking Thailand but The Boyfriend said no.

So I’m still looking for a destination.  But at least I’m ready…

Happy Anniversary…


{my delicious J. Rae’s strawberry cupcake}

One year ago March, I left my job to follow my passion full time.

Two years ago March, I started this company with thoughts of being able to design and create the ideas that had been floating around in my head for years.

So here’s to making this next year even better than the last!

An Aztec Spring…


I have been looking into adding a little aztec into my jewelry line so got on the laptop and did a little research.  And shopping…

So I covered all my bases; hair, clothing, shoes and jewels.

Aztec hair bow

{Dimey Cakes}

A pink and turquoise bow perfect for adding to ballet buns.

aztec jean shorts

{Knee Deep Denim}

Custom made jean shorts perfect for hot summer days.

Aztec tennies

{Aztec Tennies}

And hand painted aztec tennies.

aztec earrings

And lastly, some jewels.

I am so ready for warmer temps.  But for now to pack for New York~ rain boots, heavy coats and layers of scarves.

A Little Edge for Spring ’13…



I had a ‘Mother/Daughter Day’ shopping jewels for my upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.   I always like taking her with me; she’s honest.  Sometimes brutally so, which is fortunate (or unfortunate depending on my mood) because it’s so easy to get stuck in a design habit.

It’s nice having a little extra insight.

photo 3

My style has always been decidedly girlie.  Short dresses, lace, pink~ you name it, it defines my look.  And while this has always been reflected in my jewelry design, I’m aiming to be a little edgier for Spring/Summer 2013.  It’s turning out to be a little harder than I had anticipated; it’s like going against a girlie force of nature.

rose gold skulls


 The process has been made easier with my finds of gorgeous metal-esque looking pyrite, darker more intense stones and little skull details (albeit in rose gold).  So hopefully this will add a little depth to the collection.

Baby steps.

meddlesome moth


Then, as our ‘Mother/Daughter Days’ often go, we stopped by a cafe in the design district for some sauvignon blanc and catching up.  Perfect way to end our shopping day…