Date Night…Valentine’s Day Glitter

{Essie- Sand Tropez & A Cut Above}

I was in Vegas for Valentine’s Day so The Boyfriend and I postponed celebrating until last night.  We had drinks at a fun bar and dinner at one of our favorite restaurants..

Sadly I am one of those girls that wears pink (it is my favorite color) so I put on glitter Loubous, glitter polish (thanks to my Target extravaganza the other day) and a backless pink lace dress and was ready to go.

After the longest week ever, I just wanted a little fun…


I am the worst packer.  My mother likes to tell people the story of taking me to New York  for the first time and she let me pack myself.  I brought like nine skirts and 20 bottles of nail polish.  That was it…

Fast forward to current day and the situation hasn’t improved much.  I have been pretty busy the last couple weeks with preparing for markets, so I tried to start packing three or four days ago to alleviate a little of the stress of last minute packing.

So today when I checked to see how far along I had gotten, I saw in four days time I had only managed to pack five pair of shoes, one pair being running shoes (I honestly don’t know who I’m kidding…).

Now I’m back to stressful packing.  I’ll probably end up throwing in four more pair of shoes in there and call it a day.


{Christian Louboutin}

The weather here lately has been extremely dreary.

I thought tonight, since we finally had a little bit of sun, that it would be a great evening to pull out a pair of shoes that make me happy.  It may only be Wednesday but I felt the need for a little bit of sequins.

Must be the Dallas in me…