A Must…Vintage-esque Swim Suits

{swim suit, Sea Folly Australia}

I just got back from LA and my absolute favorite out there gave me this amazing little vintage-y swim suit.  The adorable Australian line, Sea Folly, has a very pin-up 50’s style esthetic and this little two piece is so me and exactly what I have been looking for.

She also “loaned’ me this book (she should have learned after loaning me her entire David Sedaris collection that’s still in my library) which she said was amazing.  If anything I like the title.  There’s a start.

So since I still have another 200 days of Texas Summer ahead of me, I’m off to the pool…

Macaroons please…

On of my favorite things to do is go look at (and consume) macaroons at Bottega Louie in LA.  So many amazing flavors, I’m partial to pistachio or vanilla, that I always have to try something new.

One of my fave little delicacies…now can’t wait to try Ladurée in Paris


Fashionable Cocktails…

The Pattern Bar ~ Downtown Los Angeles

I wouldn’t necessarily say this is one of my favorite places to get drinks in LA but they name their cocktails after fashion greats (a Valentino anyone?) and they cater to the market crowds.

Unfortunately the Valentino is made with pisco and egg whites so I opted for a glass of rosé instead.

Santa Monica…The Misfit


My friend that lives in the area took us here one night for a low key dinner.  It was amazing; sometimes all you want is just want a huge glass of wine and lots of food.

Or at least I do.

Afterwards we walked around and shopped.  A perfect ending to a long day.


Rainy Days…

{view from the Biltmore}

The city has been covered in a chilly foggy haze last last day or so.  Makes me want to stay in bed all day…

I needed a little pick me up so a friend (the one who recommended the nerd glasses) told me to try the Earl Grey Soy Latte from the Starbucks down the street.

This has really only furthered my desire to curl up in bed so tomorrow morning I am trying the ‘Red-Eye’ (black coffee plus a shot of espresso).

That will definitely kick me into a more productive state….


{Chateau Marmont}

We spent the afternoon having patio drinks (Texas has fooled me, I honestly didn’t know weather like this existed) then went to dinner at an amazing sushi place in West Hollywood.  Day one and I’m already broke…

Oh LA…you cost me so much money but I love coming out here anyway.

But I am always very happy to return home.