To Crop…Or Not to Crop

Crop Peplum- ASOS

{NastyGal peplum top}

To crop of not to crop?  My first reaction is ‘not’.

The thought of wearing a ‘crop top’ kind of gives me a mini-anxiety attack but the amazing options for spring and summer make me think twice.

Crop Jewel

{ASOS Jeweled Bralette}

But I’m thinking of branching out.  Anxiety be damned.

bow bandeau

I have the most insanely gorgeous white silk Hunter Dixon high waisted skirt that would be perfect with a  cute little top.

I wore it in Santa Monica with my favorite floral bow top for an engagement party on the beach and then to the Huntley for cocktails.  And for California, my little bow top was perfect.

bath-tub skirt

Although I learned white silk on the beach…not so perfect.

I Love Macaroons…

I love Macarons book


For Christmas this year, I gave my best friend in LA a macaroon cook book.  She always describes herself as a “50’s housewife”-esque type so I thought this would be perfect.


I love Macarons


That and every weekend she texts me pics of the madelines she bakes.  I love macaroons so I figured, give her the book and hopefully she will make them for me next time I visit.

Prosecco and pistachio macaroons.  Yummmmmm….


But apparently making macaroons is harder than I thought.

After trying all day, on the fourth attempt she made two vanilla macaroons.  Apparently looks can be deceiving; while it looks delicious, unfortunately she said it did not taste as such.

Bottega Louie Macaroon

{macaroons from Bottega Louie from last trip to LA}

Fortunately, she has Bottega Louie around the corner from her office.  Fake it ’til you make it…


Last time I was in NY, some friends and I went to this little french restaurant on Gansevoort in the meatpacking district and while the restaurant was delish (although no one remembers the name…) it was the chandelier that stood out in my mind.

It was enormous and made entirely of wine and champagne glasses.  I would never put that in my house but it was definitely something to see.

Although last time I was in LA (with the same friends) we went to the Tasting Kitchen for dinner and drinks.   My favorite in Venice Beach.

We sat under this gorgeous crystal and wrought iron chandelier at long communal oak tables.   I recognized it from Restoration Hardware as The Boyfriend and I have been eyeing it for some time.

We did buy a persian rug.  At least a step in the right direction.

Baby steps…


Last time I was in LA, my friend took me shopping at the Grove.  I learned a couple things that day; one, that parking in LA is my living nightmare, and two, Zara is amazing.

One of the many things I purchased was this insanely beautiful poncho with silk fringe.  It’s a delicate black tulle detailed with a gold embroidery.  Someone made the comment that it looked like something their grandmother would wear.

Their grandmother must have been significantly cooler than mine because mine wore house dresses and shoes that resemble Toms.


My sweet friend in LA sent me a little present that I am absolutely in love with.  I opened a box she mailed to find this adorably wrapped little gem.

A gorgeous pale pink apron trimmed with cream lace she found in a vintage store.

I think I’ll wear this to make drinks at my next cocktail party.

Fashion…Leather for Spring

{jacket and skirt, Hunter Dixon}

As I have mentioned several times before, leather and I are not friends.

But I have this amazingly soft jacket and the color is perfect for spring.  I love the look of leather and maxis together and thought this little high/low skirt would be perfect.  The pleats flow when you walk; it’s heavenly.

Side note: I was in LA at the roof top bar at the Standard (the people watching is out of control) and met a girl in the most amazing outfit.  A green floral bandeau, matching green flowing maxi skirt and a little ocelot faux fur jacket.   I could never pull that off (let alone the fact I live in Texas) but it has always stuck with me.

I guess now that I bought all these bandeaus, I need to figure out something to do with them…