christmas came early…

My life will never be the same.

Brilliantly, I decided to do my Christmas shopping earlier than Christmas Eve this year.  I’m currently working on trying to reduce the amount of stress in my life.  Baby steps.

I asked each family member for a list, so while perusing the internets for waders for the fly fisherman in my life (lesson learned, don’t ask people what they want) I found a 20% off coupon for a Keurig.

IMG_0406So happy early Christmas to me.  Except for the fact I’m pretty sure my general contractor threw my old one away (I need to keep closer eye on him).

Now back to looking at waders online.

After which I’m headed over to my contractor’s house to throw away his coffee maker.


A Recipe Book for the Ages…


Over the holidays while visiting The Boyfriend’s family, I saw his mom had a Better Homes & Garden Cook Book.  Hers was one of the old school red and white gingham binders from the 70’s, stuffed to the brim with hand written notes and yellow fraying recipes from years of use.

I loved it.


So while out stocking up on glassware last week, I came across the perfect little book to hold all my future recipes.  I’ve always heard the best ones come from word of mouth, from tried and true recipes passed down from generation to generation.  And now I have the perfect little book to hold all of them.


As I perused her recipes, a collection amassed from the last 20-30 years from friends, family and magazines, I realized (thankfully) food has drastically changed over the years.  Most of her older recipes involved a jar of mayonnaise or some form of gelatin, neither which is one of my favorite ingredients.

Except I do like my frenchie frites and aioli…


And while I did receive Fifty Shade of Kale for Christmas, I agree that family recipes are usually the best.

But for some reason, I’m thinking Fifty Shades of Kale isn’t as interesting as its predecessor.

Pop Ups…Quitokeeto

This site is gorgeous…

It’s a pop up for the gourmet set.   Vintage mixed with new, all along side edible little treats.

Sunflower oil…

French petite picardie glasses…

And my favorite, little vintage enameled salt & pepper shakers.

Definitely sign up for the newsletter to receive emails when they pop up with new pieces.  Everything was almost sold out by the time I found it…



Chic Coffee Accessories…

To say I am a fan of french press coffee would be a complete understatement, like saying I am a fan of having wine with dinner.

{Eileen French Press, $40;}

I recently came across the website Bodum; it’s all things coffee, tea with some tabletop accessories throw in.  I have to have this gold french press, it comes in gold or silver (gold please) and three sizes, 12 oz, 17 oz and 32 oz (large please~I drink way too much coffee).

As we have been doing a complete overhaul on the house (there are boxes everywhere so I guess you can call that progress…) I have been in the market for chic accessories.

Since a french press isn’t exactly something I want to mess with every morning, I also kind of like this little electric cutiepatootie…