parties parties parties…

IMG_0425Since it’s getting close to the holidays, as I mentioned below I’ve already started Christmas shopping for myself (I need to be put in Christmas jail), I’m hosting my obligatory trunk show.

Jewels as far as the eye can see.  And wine…


where is my office…

officeMoving when you work from home is less than ideal.

It took days to figure out which boxes were which, and it makes you quickly realize how much junk you actually own.  In my case, I realized I mostly only own junk.

office desk

But finally, in a box someone labeled kitchen, I found all my jewelry/office/shipping things and set up shop.  Judging by the handwriting, that someone was me.

Apparently moving is not my strong suit.

bathroom plans

So now I can resume my life of designing jewelry with the added task of designing bathrooms.  Maybe I should become a general contractor.  I can take southern Louisiana by storm, building houses in stylish jewels.

Happy Cinco de Mayo…

May Necklace{}

I’m feeling a little festive and today seems like a prime opportunity to add a little color.

margaritas- cinco de mayo

And after arriving back from a vacation full of rum punches and piña coladas, I return to Texas to find it’s time for margaritas.

The Boyfriend is in New Orleans so I guess I’ll be making margaritas for one later.

Which is probably for the best, tequila makes me a little feisty…

My New Fave Accessory…Flash Tattoos

I love a great tattoo (on someone else).

For me, I need mine a little less permanent.

flash tattoos 2

These gorgeous temporary pieces by Flash Tattoos are my most favoritest accessory I’ve found in a loooong time.  Lasts 4-6 days and you get four sheets of designs for around $20.

flash tatoos

They’re perfect for an upcoming island trip with friends to St. Thomas next month.

Since I’m flying Spirit (after promising myself “never again” twice) I need to pack light.  And being a jewelry designer, that can get impossibly hard.

I think for Mardi Gras I packed 37 bangles and never ended up wearing any; they clashed with my beads.

Flash Tattoo 3So this gives me a little luxe-boho without having to overpack (impossible!).

That means with the extra room I save on jewelry, I can pack extra headbands.

For the Love of Roses…

Oscar- rose ring

{oscar de la renta resin rose ring}

Since I am a sucker for something pretty (…not to mention pink, floral and jewelry related), when I came across this ring I realized I would probably be able to think of little else until I owned it.   To prove that point, where as an hour ago I was working, now I seem to be scouring the internets trying to find it.  On sale.

All of this lack of working is due to the fact I’m an avid follower of @oscarprgirl (she was quite the influencer of my brunette to platinum locks change a short time ago).  It seems Instagram has sidelined me again.  Apparently I’m a product of overstimulation.

I need to follow more @forever21 and less @oscarprgirl.

Dylanlex…My New Love

dylanlex 2

Apparently it’s just as easy as taking apart vintage and antique necklaces, and reconstruct them using Swarovski crystals, coins and indian filigree.  You know, in all your necklace-making free time.  Oh my lord, this stuff is amazing.

This six necklace collection by Dylanlex is one of my favorite finds in forever.  Even their Instagram is amazing.

It’s all so amazing…


The perfect accessories for the holidays.  Everyone needs a gorgeous statement piece.

Or six.

Sparkle for Tuesday…

mary janes

Today I needed a little something extra.  It started with a little espresso in my coffee this morning and then apparently later in the afternoon, ‘a little something extra’ tuned into jewels and rose gold glitter mary janes.

And a coat a paint.

midi rings

A date lunch with The Boyfriend, cream colored nails and midi rings.  What more could a girl want…


Vintage Shopping…

vintage shop-2

Sometimes you just want to shop.  It’s like an impulse, I think there might be something wrong with my brain.

Honestly, I need more clothes like I need bankruptcy.

And jewelry? Being a jewelry designer, it’s all over the house.  As I type, I could probably reach my hand in the couch cushions and pull out some earrings.

vintage shop

Every morning, on my way to get coffee, I manage to at least get one or two pieces of turquoise embedded in my foot.  I’m sure The Boyfriend loves it.  I know President Kitty does.

Regardless, sometimes you just want something new.  Well, new to me.  So I went vintage shopping.  Then I went to Sephora…