Fashion…More Jason Wu

I guess waiting for the Target guest designer frenzy to die down is not as great of an idea as I had originally planned.  Slim pickings.


I fell in love with a blush polka dot silk blouse.  I have a pink leather skirt this will look amazing with.

I leave for Vegas on Sunday and am thinking this will be the perfect airplane outfit.  No one dresses up to travel anymore…

Fashion…Jason Wu on the cheap

Superbowl?  Pass…

Jason Wu at Target?  Well, yes please.

After the absolute mess that was Missoni at Target I think I might wait a couple days before I head over.  I checked out the collection online and there are some pretty adorable printed purses & accessories but the main object of my affection are the little silk dresses.

I don’t know who this cute little guy is in all the ads but he looks like President Kitty so I guess I’ll be buying this tote.