Dreaded New Technology…

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that technology is my enemy but it’s like me and leather.  We would rather avoid each other.

hello darling

The Boyfriend on the other hand is Mr. Hi-Tech.  Always wants the phone the day it comes out, our TVs do so much I hardly know how to turn them on and we own more remotes than I own headbands.  Which is a lot.  I could probably open at least two headband stores.

lolita iphone case

I’ve been on the fence about getting a new phone, because honestly, there will just be another new one in about a month or so, so why bother.  Until I found a couple of the cutest cases.

NYC phone case

Looks like a need an upgrade.

Pantone Please…


A couple months ago when I was in New York I found these Pantone folding chairs and fell in love.  Having a mother that works in interior design and myself working in fashion, I have always loved working with pantone colors.

So imagine my astonishment after dinner last night, when The Boyfriend surprised me with a trip to the Apple Store (not one of my favorite places), and I found this…

Neon pink Pantone iPhone case!

Who knew the Apple Store held such treasure?  So after a 20 minute conversation where I was trying to explain to The Boyfriend what a Pantone color is, he thought this would make our future Apple Store trips more of a pleasure and less like pulling teeth.


Now about these chairs, I’m thinking they would be an amazing replacement to the dining room chairs we currently have.  And they’re only $75, I found them online.

Must Have…chic iPhone cases

I am sick of my iPhone case.  I got it for Christmas and do love it, it’s pink and gray~ my fave color combo, and printed with my initials.

But I’m over it.

I found this great place that has all these amazing designs, funky ones like gameboys, the vintage camera (above) or more abstract like these poppies.

Amazingly, these cases are only $10-15 and the best option is create your own.  You can send them  pic and they will create whatever you want.  So this is the option I will be taking, now just to figure out what I want on it…