wine wins every time…

I came across this pic, posted by Vogue (originally posted by Poppy Delevingne) as one of the top 10 instagrams of the summer.

LM Fernandez 3

I rarely disagree with anything Vogue tells me.

I heart everything about this photo; the neon pink bougainvillea, the Charlotte Olympia kitty clutch, but most of all, the swim suit.

LM Fernandez

I did some instagram stalking and found the Lisa Marie Fernandez website.  For $450, this little gem could be yours.  

Spending $450 on a swim suit (I would wear twice) would eat too much into my wine budget.  As I’m getting more responsible with age, I realize it’s important to prioritize.        

For the Love of Roses…

Oscar- rose ring

{oscar de la renta resin rose ring}

Since I am a sucker for something pretty (…not to mention pink, floral and jewelry related), when I came across this ring I realized I would probably be able to think of little else until I owned it.   To prove that point, where as an hour ago I was working, now I seem to be scouring the internets trying to find it.  On sale.

All of this lack of working is due to the fact I’m an avid follower of @oscarprgirl (she was quite the influencer of my brunette to platinum locks change a short time ago).  It seems Instagram has sidelined me again.  Apparently I’m a product of overstimulation.

I need to follow more @forever21 and less @oscarprgirl.

So I’m a bit Girlie-Girl…


As I put together valentine packages for my little nieces, it dawned on me that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.

So I rifled through my drawer of 800 nail polishes of varying shades of the same color and put together a combo of mink and pink for the big day.

V-Day Nails

I must follow too many boutiques and fashion types on Instagram, because my feeds have been full of ‘What to Wear for Valentine’s’ type posts.  Red dresses paired with matching sky-high stilettos, crazy valentine’s manicures with glitter hearts or something equally outlandish paired with ruby-red glossed lips, and so on…and on.

While it may seem a little over the top to me, maybe it’s I who needs to update my outlook.  I do work in fashion, I should probably be more fashionable.

V-Day Nails-2

So I made my way to the Dior counter at Neimans.  I was explaining to the guy who was trying to sell me foundations that I don’t really like to wear much make-up.  “You know, like super sheer, non-existent barely tinted moisturizer.  Along those lines.”

I was then informed by this apparently well informed makeup man that I’m not getting any younger (ouch) and “it doesn’t hurt to slap a little paint on the barn.”


Valentines-gold ncklaces

{Chanel Rose Éclat; jewels~ M Elizabeth Designs}

While I did not “slap any paint on the barn” (I swear that will forever be ingrained in my head) I do have two pink nails and ‘slapped on’ some neon pink lipstick.

That’s all Saint Valentine is getting from me.

I Must Have…Durban Decor

I am obsessed with this glassware line.


Durban- Spiked Mug

{spiked pink splatter beer mug; $24}

I seem to always be saying this, but I found this on Instagram.

I need to follow a news program and then Instagram would be my go-to for complete media access.

Durban- Spike Coffe Mug

{spiked coffee mug; $15}

It was this coffee mug that first caught my attention; it’s simple, yet reflective of my mood in the mornings pre-coffee consumption.  Love the gold spikes in contrast to white, but then I found a play on my ultimate obsession~ Warhol.

Durban- Warhol

{warhol inspired stemless wine glasses; $40}

I have the gun print in our hallway and the banana print in our bathroom.  And I spent an hour in the kitchen this morning cleaning out all the junk trying to declutter.  Thank god because now I have more room for all these new glasses.

Especially these…

Durban- Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Star Wars Wine Glasses!

The woman behind the line is incredibly talented, she creates custom pieces (think bridesmaids, weddings, etc) but also has tons to choose from on her website.  Ironic pieces, i.e. Star Wars Kitty, muppets, etc, but also you can choose your fave sports team (loved the Lakers glasses) and Audrey Hepburn.

I think the Kitty glasses will look great next to my Baccarat on the bar cart.

Check out for more.

Archetype Me Please…



It’s odd how much information I gleam from Instagram.  I follow Oscar de la Renta’s PR girl (@oscarprgirl) and she had taken the test.    I told my friend in LA to follow her because it’s a constant stream of couture, cocktails, travel and Oscar sketches.

Talk about wanting to swap lives with someone.

Anyways, since Instagram told me to, I took the quiz.  And while I loved the questions, the website is what’s amazing.  Take a quiz, get a personality assessment and then have a website created around your preferences.

I tried to answer all the questions honestly this time.  I think I normally I answer with how I would like to be perceived and end up with an assessment like, ‘ you love baking, children, working hard, working out’ and so on.

To which anyone who has ever met me will say, “interesting…when do I meet that person?”

So I was begrudgingly honest and found I am~

34%- Creative (I can live with that, I’m more of a big picture no details kind of person)

31%- Fashionista (some days)

15%- Intellectual (apparently I’m not terribly bright, everyone else I know ranked in the 40- percentile on that one)

archetypeme 2

The Pinterest inspired website site is really interesting; all books, beauty advice/products, fashion, etcetcetc, cater to my personality traits.

Now I’m off to go buy some sodoku and crosswords puzzles.