Fashion…Leather for Spring

{jacket and skirt, Hunter Dixon}

As I have mentioned several times before, leather and I are not friends.

But I have this amazingly soft jacket and the color is perfect for spring.  I love the look of leather and maxis together and thought this little high/low skirt would be perfect.  The pleats flow when you walk; it’s heavenly.

Side note: I was in LA at the roof top bar at the Standard (the people watching is out of control) and met a girl in the most amazing outfit.  A green floral bandeau, matching green flowing maxi skirt and a little ocelot faux fur jacket.   I could never pull that off (let alone the fact I live in Texas) but it has always stuck with me.

I guess now that I bought all these bandeaus, I need to figure out something to do with them…

New Obsession…Chapeaus

{dress, Hunter Dixon; hat, Mossimo}

It all started with the purchase of a cheap straw fedora on a recent trip to Mexico.

I truly believe it was at that moment I learned of my love of hats. It’s interesting how such a simple addition that can drastically change the look of any outfit.

 Actually I found this one while buying light bulbs at Target…

Must Have…Bandeaus

{bandeau, Top Secret; top, Hunter Dixon; jewelry, M Elizabeth}

I have been looking for one for about a year now, which honestly who knows why it took me so long considering you can find them pretty much everywhere.  But I was in New Orleans for Christmas and found this bandeau, kind of Missoni-esque (not a a big M zigzag fan but this was too cute to pass up) to go with a couple Monroe sheer paper thin tees I picked up.

This must have set the ball rolling because soon after I bought these from Tart Collections.

Lilac?  I must have been in a bandeau buying frenzy….

But they’re perfect for everyday wear, or at least I hope they are because and then there were five.

Fashion…Dog Park

{Hunter Dixon harper dress; Cynthia Steffe leather}

This is my favorite time of year…

I love when the weather changes, and it’s finally starting to cool off here.  I have always avoided wearing leather jackets (too cool for me, I guess) but lately have been coming back to this one.  It’s several years old but I feel like this is the year I am finally going to wear it.

I love how it’s very tailored and feminine (ruffle hem!).  I wore it last night out for sushi with The Boyfriend over a strapless floral mini with black tights and platforms.  It was a cute look but I was nervous they thought I was going to rob the place.

I’m hoping with the change of season comes a change of my attitude towards leather (I have been trying lately).  The dog park will be a start.  I think Nico & The Boyfriend liked it…

Designer…Hunter Dixon

I saw their Spring 2012 Collection while in NY this week and I’m in love.  The line looks gorgeous as always; it was femme with a slight vintage feel (my fave) and their silk are always incredible.

{colors and prints from Spring 2012}

I have been craving fall weather but after seeing the flirty dresses I am definitely ready again for Spring.  There was a gorgeous silk bustier dress with an accordion pleated midi skirt in ice blue that has my name written all over it.  Oh, and the blush hued leather…

Actually, Texas was miserable this Summer so maybe I am ready for some Fall weather.  I’ll just put on my favorite HD Peppy Coat

Designer Profile… Hunter Dixon

One of the reasons I started working in fashion, and have continued to do so, is because of designers such as this.  I had the opportunity when I started my career to work with Hunter Dixon and in the last year or so, have had the fabulous opportunity to work with them again.    

Looks from their Fall 2011Collection


{Harper Dress- Tootsie’s, $325, 713.629.9990; Temple Skirt-, $275; Croswel Dress- The Mix, $275, 985.727.7649; all jewelry}

Hunter Bell and Jennifer Dixon created the line about five years ago after graduating college in North Carolina.  They moved up to NYC and have been building their label ever since.  HD is very femme;  it’s girlie with touches of vintage but in an updated way.  You can find their line in Anthropologie, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tootsie’s and boutiques across the US.