One Man’s Trash…

My best friend was going to throw out this adorable hat from H&M away.

So I, who hates seeing gorgeous things being tossed aside, told her I would make a good home for it.

H&M hat


I have no idea where to wear it or what to wear it with but I had to have it.  Very Gatsby-esque.

Like I said, one man’s trash…

Getting Beach Ready…

beach tote

Aside from working out (I would say I’m too busy, but let’s be honest…I’m not) I’m trying to get beach ready.

New H&M striped bikini?  Check.

Gorgeous handmade turquoise necklace?  Check.  I like to accessorize- think colorful jewelry, not swim suit in stilettos.

Latest Travel & Leisure? Check.  I need to plan my next adventure; I was thinking Thailand but The Boyfriend said no.

So I’m still looking for a destination.  But at least I’m ready…

Margiela for H&M…Candy Clutch


A remake of their Spring ’10 Candy Clutch, Maison Martin Margiela is soon debuting a line for H&M, including this adorable little handheld.  Makes for the perfect holiday accessory.

I want pink, of course.



And since it’s at H&M, I can finally afford this one…

Destination…San Francisco

Normally I am an early riser.

Add that to the two hour time change and I am a super early riser.  Early enough actually to hit the Black Friday sales without having to set an alarm.

By 8 am, I have led a path of destruction through Barney’s, H&M and Sephora.  Now time for a treat…

{The Boyfriend’s hot choco from La Boulange}