After consuming copious amounts of…everything this weekend (I recall some pizza, thai and at least a vineyard of wine), I decided it was time to start my week off healthier.


Back when I did Whole30 (don’t do it, you can’t drink wine; whatever that’s about), I used to eat chia and fruit every morning.

Actually it might have been for my second breakfast because my first one usually left me starving.


Mix chia, milk of your choice, sweetener and vanilla extract.


 It’s no choco-chip pancakes with a side of mimosas (no orange juice please) but does pack a powerful anti-oxidant punch.

And is surprisingly decent good.

a morning boost…

morning boost 2

I’m over juicing.

It’s labor intensive and takes me an eternity to make one drink.  And in the end, the drink ends up costing me $26 in produce, not to mention ginger and bizarre additions like turmeric or parsley.

morning boost ingredients

Where does one go post-juicing fade?  I’m not quite sure, but I own a costly blender and decided to put it to use.

So this is what I’ve been calling my ‘morning boost’.  I need one.  I’m laaazy.

I use a handful of each ~blueberries, raspberries and kale~ add cocowater and lemon.  Sprinkle with chia seeds and voila.

morning boost

And since moving my Saturdays have become less my own, I’m off to Home Depot to take a class on “How to Tile.”  Hopefully this will help me pay attention because tiles don’t seem to hold my attention quite like an issue of Vogue does…

nomnom…Collard Green Wraps

DSC_0010After a week of vacation (no more rum punch ever please) followed by a week of birthday girl celebrations, I need a smidge of a healthy restart.

My body will thank me, actually it’s begging me desperately for it.


So after spending a morning of juicing cucumbers, ginger and lemons to make a detox water (actually juicing only took two minutes, whereas the rest of the morning was spent cleaning my juicer), I started in on lunch.


On Pinterest (honestly where else?) I have been seeing people sub-out carbs for various veggies for clean eating.  Use sweet potatoes instead on buns for sliders (tried that one), bell peppers instead of chips for nachos (no thanks, nachos are literally perfect as is) and collard greens as to make wraps.


So I made some lemon-oregano chicken for The Boyfriend, added some hummus from the greek place around the corner and various chopped veggies.

Perfect way to kick-start a healthy week.  But then I realized it’s already Thursday and I’m meeting a friend for cocktails tonight.  Well, you gotta start somewhere.


Superfoods: A-Z

When you factor out the vino, I’ve been on a health kick of late (ish).  This will help with my weekly grocery shopping excursion to Trader Joe’s.  Although I’m not quite sure where to find ugli fruit.  Or xigua.Superfoods A-Z

So the short list for your next grocery store trip looks like this: wine, coffee and shampoo.
And here’s your more expensive, long list: avocado, beets, chia, dates, eggs, flax, grapes, hemp, inca berries, jalapeños, kiwi, lemon, milk, nuts, oatmeal, pumpkin, quinoa (always a personal fave), radish, salmon, tea, ugli fruit, veggies, watermelon, xigua, yams and zucchini.  Don’t worry, I had to google several of these as well.
Here’s to your health.  Being healthy is wonderful, as well as expensive and time consuming.

Foodies…Zucchini Pasta

zucchini pasta


I have been trying to cook more and eat out less, as in more fresh foods and less processed.  With The Boyfriend’s birthday last week, we have been doing quite a bit of cocktails and dinners out.  So last night I made zucchini spaghetti and it was surprisingly delicious.

I bought a spiralizer on Amazon and am amazed.  You can make spaghetti out of anything, zucchini, carrots, squash, etc.  And most importantly, it’s easy to use and clean.

Next on the menu, cauliflower pizzas.  Not so sure about this one though…

Drink your Greens…


{after a long day at the farmer’s market}

The Boyfriend and I have taken a turn of the healthier.  That said, I had the most amazing Malbec at dinner last night.

To kick-start this healthier lifestyle, I bought a juicer and have been googling recipes from my favorite detox juiceries.

Here’s my fave…

green juice

{Green Juice}

  • head romaine
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 5 kale stalks
  • 2 apples
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 tablespoon ginger
  • 1/2 bunch watercress
  • dash of cayenne

I’ve also made cucumber water, which is oddly delicious, but next on my list to tackle is vanilla cashew milk.

Now I’m off to Starbucks for some coffee.  Old habits die hard…