Life as a Blonde…

When I decided to go platinum, I sat down with my hairdresser and he asked if I was going through an early mid-life crisis/late quarter-life crisis.

hair- blonde

Who knows.

But it’s an interesting new chapter in my life.  Immediately after coloring my hair, it might have been a chapter I was wishing I had left un-read.  But now, at week four, I love it.

It was time for  a change.  This is also the first time I’ve had short hair for six years.  Even though it’s been four weeks, I still reach to flip my ghost hair over my shoulder.  Not there I have to keep reminding myself.

hair- blonde 2

I know I’ll look back at pictures when I’m 50, laugh and think, ‘well at least I did it.’  But in the meantime, it’s been an adjustment.  I currently still look at pictures and think, ‘who in the hell is that…’.


But I will say, before I was counting down the days til my whole30 diet was over and cocktails will be served.  Now I also countdown days til my next hair appointment.  I can’t tell now which is taking up more brain energy at this point but at least I finally have something to take away from the fact I have five more days til I can have a glass(es) of wine.

In the meantime, instead of enjoying mimosas or an amazing rosé champagne, I will have a kombucha and de-caff at Brewed.

Five days.  Or 31, depending on which countdown I am currently focusing on.