lean & green (side of chocolate)…

It seems green juice is universal.

Normally I start my day with green juice.  But that’s Louisiana and this is Hawaii.  So I’ll normally start my day with a mimosa (“no orange juice please”) and if I ‘accidentally’ had a glass (or two) too much of wine the night before (a common mistake around here), a chocochip waffle.


“Do you want that gluten-free?”

“It’s a chocolate chip waffle.  Honestly, at this point just leave the gluten in there.”

Green juice and gluten free chocochip waffles.  What is the world coming to.

Where is my mimosa (no orange juice please)?

Getting Holiday Ready…

Holiday Market

After a looong weekend in Napa, I felt like a needed a vacation.  But as it always does, my work seemed to disagree.

So with a gorgeous new Holiday ’13 collection from Hunter Dixon, I start market this week.

But first I need one of these…

detox juice

One detox juice and a coffee (2) please.