Foodies..Fried Green Tomatoes

I’ve noticed I have made it my weekend routine to go to our local farmer’s market.  I just adore it.

This weekend The Boyfriend and I were out running errands so we stopped by and I bought these huge heirloom tomatoes.  I haven’t ever made fried green tomatoes before but decided it couldn’t be much different than frying anything else.   Turns out I was right.

It was really simple; I just coated the tomato slices in a doctored fish fry (I add spicy salt mix- makes everything better) and I fried them in chili oil.

While I have been frequenting the farmer’s market, I have not been to the grocery store lately.  So options were a little sparse but I whipped up a little Sriracha Chili Aioli (mayonnaise, Sriracha and a little bit of garlic salt) to serve on the side and it was the perfect addition.