eight minute bathroom remodel…

bathroom artWe recently remodeled the master bathroom and it turned out great.

Except I hate it.

Pre-remodel, the bathroom looked like a 70’s Greek revival.  Post-remodel, it looks like it belongs in an expensive bachelor pad.  Neither theme really appealed to me (I just thank God there’s no more carpet) so I set out to add a little color.

And I wanted to do so by spending zero dollars.  I’m positive next time I step into an antiques store my Visa will spontaneously combust.  So instead, I stepped into my garage (currently full of crap) and went shopping among things I already own.

bathroom wall

Eight minutes later I’m slightly happier with my bathroom. It’s not a major change (next bathroom I get my hands on I’m wallpapering), but enough to make a small impact.

Fortunately for me, my cousin is an amazing artist.  Unfortunately for her, one time when she was out of town, I raided her closet and ‘grab-and-dashed’ all I could get my hands on. Thankfully she lives in New York and not New Orleans.  If she walked through my house she’d probably call the cops.

perfumesAnd this finally gives me a place to put out all of my pretty bottles of perfume that smell like old ladies.

Win-win.  I need to go shopping in my garage more often.



Interiors…Portraits & Painting

There is an incredibly talented artist and up & coming interior designer in Brooklyn named Foster Cranz.  Such a great name for someone who will no doubt one day be famous, and she’s also my cousin.

{self portrait, Foster}

She randomly posts pics of some of her pieces on Facebook, Instagram, etc, so when she recently posted a self portrait, I knew I needed one too.  I think we need to start trading jewels for art, which is an arrangement I will be very happy with.


When I finally graduated college and became aware that my home should start reflecting that of an adult, I took 5 or 6 pieces she painted and, to this day, still have them up.

I also had her create this last piece so I can showcase jewelry for advertising for upcoming shows.  It came out amazing.

I am going to hang them in our half bathroom but have been wanting to paint or wall paper the room for some time now.  I shelved my wall paper idea after realizing the custom paper I wanted would be around $3,000 and that I don’t know how to wall paper.  My logic was, since I’m very good at wrapping presents, how hard could it be.  I read a couple articles, apparently it’s significantly harder.

So now that I have established where I’m going to hang them, I just need to paint the room first.

Who new buying art would be so labor intensive…