Cooking…Pot Roast

pot roast


While I was ‘de-cluttering’ the kitchen the other day I came across some kind of pot.  It caught my attention because it was huge and taking up entirely too much cabinet space.  I added to the throw away pile til The Boyfriend informed me I was not going to be throwing away the crock pot.

pot roast 2

Mind blown.

I had no idea how easy this thing makes cooking.  Roughly chop some veggies (I did onion, carrots and sweet potato) and add meat.  I threw in some rosemary and thyme sprigs and done.

Well, eight hours later your done.

pot roast 3

Being a vegetarian I have no idea how it tasted but it smelled delicious.  Even for a non-meat eater.

Resulting pot roast = success!

I need to find more things to make in this thing.


I Love Macaroons…

I love Macarons book


For Christmas this year, I gave my best friend in LA a macaroon cook book.  She always describes herself as a “50’s housewife”-esque type so I thought this would be perfect.


I love Macarons


That and every weekend she texts me pics of the madelines she bakes.  I love macaroons so I figured, give her the book and hopefully she will make them for me next time I visit.

Prosecco and pistachio macaroons.  Yummmmmm….


But apparently making macaroons is harder than I thought.

After trying all day, on the fourth attempt she made two vanilla macaroons.  Apparently looks can be deceiving; while it looks delicious, unfortunately she said it did not taste as such.

Bottega Louie Macaroon

{macaroons from Bottega Louie from last trip to LA}

Fortunately, she has Bottega Louie around the corner from her office.  Fake it ’til you make it…

Cookie Day…

cookie day


I arrive home form the airport last night to find The Boyfriend has set the table, made dinner and has wine waiting.  I was exhausted, moody and overjoyed.

Then I learned his motives; today is cookie day at his law firm.  So after my wonderful dinner of ravioli in arrabiata, I baked cookies.  Oh, and brownies.  And then some double choco-chunk cookies.

cookie day- brownies

Oh the joys of being a modern domestic woman.

I just added ‘teach The Boyfriend how to use the oven’ to my to-do list.

Foodies…French Toast

One of my favorite people sent me a Christmas care package with lots of random little goodies.  A bottle of wine from her “neck of the woods” (California), an amaretto cake, some German candies and a game of “Who?” to play when we drink the wine.

Oh, and parmesan shortbread from my favorite restaurant in San Francisco, La Boulangerie.


After an evening of Christmas tree trimming and cocktail drinking over at my moms, I was in the holiday spirit this morning and wanted to make something fun for breakfast.

So I made The Boyfriend some french toast made out of amaretto cake.


Here is the thing about amaretto cake before it is made into french toast, it’s extremely rich.  But as I have learned about everything fried in butter, it becomes even better.  top with organic maple syrup and…voila


Pop Ups…Quitokeeto

This site is gorgeous…

It’s a pop up for the gourmet set.   Vintage mixed with new, all along side edible little treats.

Sunflower oil…

French petite picardie glasses…

And my favorite, little vintage enameled salt & pepper shakers.

Definitely sign up for the newsletter to receive emails when they pop up with new pieces.  Everything was almost sold out by the time I found it…



Foodies…Farmer’s Market

I did the Blue Print Cleanse detox a year ago and received an email the other day reminding me that somehow a year has already gone by and they think I need to try it again.

So I spoke to my friend in LA (the land of diets and detoxes, along with more than enough vices) who reminded me how expensive it is and told me just to get juicer.

Which is a brilliant idea so I added it to the list.  They Boyfriend and I (regardless of if he wants to be involved or not seeing as I run the food aspect of the household) went to the Farmer’s Market this past Sunday to kick start our new lifestyle.

I have always been really healthy but decided it’s time to go into health zealot mode.  There was so much to choose from at the Farmer’s Market, we pretty much left with everything.  And everything was so fresh…

Cookie Sandwiches for Everyone!

I have had a lot on my mind and couldn’t sleep.  So I did what anyone does at 5 am when they can’t sleep.

I made cookie sandwiches.

It’s The Boyfriend’s cookie day at work so I made what ended up looking like a cookie disasterpile but managed to salvage most of it and put it back together into a tasty mess.

You know what doesn’t photograph well but tastes great?  Cookie sandwiches.

Date Night…Grill Master

Despite being 100 degrees in the Texas heat, The Boyfriend and I decided it was time to grill.  It is Memorial Day after all.  So after grilled rosemary bread and brie, roasted shitake mushrooms, grilled potatoes and asparagus (and steak for the meat eater), we sat in the blazing heat and had a glass of Sancerre.

My mom gave us these amazing little wine glasses from the Modern Art Musuem gift shop.  Perfect for outside use; they’re plastic and have a little thumb indention.  So you really never need to put it down.

Maybe to refill…

Foodies…Modern Art Museum

One of my favorite places to have lunch is the Modern.  Their food is amazing but it’s the view that gets me every time.

I tell The Boyfriend I like to pretend the Tadao Ando building is my home.  I think by rolling his eyes, he’s agreeing.

Happy Memorial Day