DIY…Floral Headbands

While The Boyfriend was away, I got some of my girlier to-dos checked off my list.  So I enlisted the help of my mom.

Step one, open a bottle of prosecco.


 I didn’t actually didn’t know how to make a floral headband but when you have a glue gun and some prosecco, I have found anything is possible.

floral headband

I decided on cherry blossoms and an accent of some brighter pink.

On the bright side, for $10 I now have enough faux-flowers for a lifetime of floral headbands.

floral headband-3

I made a base of rattan, interwoven and bended into a crown shape.

floral headband- me

Used my glue gun to add flowers and voila!

floral headbands-all

I made a couple different styles for the various occasions when one needs to wear a floral head crown.

For example, tonight I will be wearing the crown as The Boyfriend and I catch up on Game of Thrones.

Next DIY, chevron wall art.  It was a busy weekend…