Jazz Fest…Wear Your Boots


{Fleetwood Mac at the Acura Stage, Jazz Fest ’13}

I left my home Tuesday morning for a four day journey through Texas and Louisiana, including Austin, San Antonio, Lafayette and Baton Rouge, to end up in New Orleans on Friday for Jazz Fest.

The Boyfriend flew in and met me (I’ll have to remember to fly, not drive, next time) and it was definitely a weekend to remember.


{Maroon 5 concert}

Through wind, rain and drunken high schoolers, I made my way through two days of Jazz Fest.

My fave moment, Stevie Nicks preforming Landslide.

Next time, I’m getting VIP tickets.


Now Hear This… Stevie Nicks

I said earlier that I have been channeling Stevie Nicks lately so it felt fitting to play her music.  I was never a Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mac fan until I met The Boyfriend.  He is a huge fan and I have become one by association.

Click ‘Now Hear This’ at top left;  ‘Silver Springs’ by Fleetwood Mac