FleaPop…Online Thrift

The Boyfriend and I are contemplating moving.  And, unfortunately, when contemplating a new move, it makes me contemplate all new furniture.

fleapop- 40s teal dresser

{1940’s vintage teal dresser}

Now I need all new furniture.

Actually, The Boyfriend has been trying to teach me over the last five years the difference between ‘wanting’ something and ‘needing’ something.  I’m still learning but I’m pretty sure this is one of those ‘need’ situations.

barrel wine rack

{wine rack from vintage wine barrels}

I found this site on Refinery 29, which is another fave of mine, for amazing online flea market shopping.  FleaPop, based out of Santa Monica, is quasi-Etsy-esque in its concept and design but it has amazing home decor, furniture and antiques.

fleapop- vintage produce crates

{1950’s vintage produce crates}

I love flea markets just as much as the next person but they make me feel kind of like I need a shower once I leave, like I’m dusty.  So this is obviously the best alternative.  Online Flea Markets.  Honestly, you can do anything on the internet.

They have incredibly amazing finds, from vintage Knoll chairs (my mom is an interior designer, I notice things like that) to antique candelabras and vintage reproduction light bulbs.  I don’t need it all, like the guy who only makes leather pillows with Jesus hand painted on each, but I need most of it.

fleapop- vases

{saffron serpentine vase}

So maybe I am looking forward to a new move.  Of maybe just new furniture…

Destination…The Dallas Flea Market

{The Vintage Mobile}

A friend of mine and I have been wanting to go to the Dallas Flea for a while but apparently have been underestimating how amazing it was going to be.  Parked outside there was the Vintage Mobile (a school bus filled with vintage clothes, clutches, cocktail glasses, etc) and several other types of food trucks (Cruisin’ Veitnamese Fusion) to welcome you.

Once inside, vendors had set up little shops displaying all kinds of interesting (and some were very interesting…) pieces to buy.  Lots of art, vintage and hand-made jewelry, furniture, giftie items, etc.

{handmade gift cards by Jamie Davis}

There was a lot of home accessories but, of course, the two amazing kelly green velvet wing back chairs I found had been pre-sold.

{Mary’s Finds; Little Owl Ornaments and Vintage Postcards}

We went to scout if it was a good place to sell my jewelry but I ended up buying a little vintage apron (adorable) and some stationary cards.  I can’t wait to go back.

Maybe I’ll open a resale shop…