Markets & Hair Accessories…

FIG March 13

{March FIG Market~Dallas}

Oh markets, we share a love/hate relationship.  The stress, the work involved, not to mention the occasional catastrophe (this particular catastrophe was of the shipping variety) but the advantages make it all worthwhile.

I relish seeing old friends, love the opportunity to make new ones and adore the lines I work with.

Not to mention shopping for personals…

Colette Malouf

{Colette Malouf Fall 2013}

I love accessories (obv, I’m a jewelry designer) and have always had an obsession with the gorgeous hair accessory line Colette Malouf, whose booth was next to mine.  Fate?  Yes, I believe so.

So on Saturdays, as the show starts to slow down and buyers head back home I get in a little sample shopping.  I fell in one with this intricate, very french inspired, tulle and leather flower headband.

Do I need it?  No, but when has that ever influenced anything I have ever done.


Market…& Gelato

I finally was able to attend my first market showcasing my jewelry.  It was such an amazing feeling being able to see something I have worked so hard on come to life.  So three days of peddling my wares to some adorable and some not so adorable buyers…I’m exhausted

But we ended the final day with a  little treat to celebrate.

Pineapple gelato?  Yes please.  Oh and some wine?  More please.