Plaid Please…



This fall, I’m looking to add a little plaid into my wardrobe.

Valentino Plaid

{Valentino dress}

I recently dyed my hair platinum and found that my gorgeous orange plaid princess coat from last year makes me look like ‘pumpkin Barbie’.  So I’ve been searching for a new shade of plaid.  I am finding that changing my hair color also means changing my wardrobe and all of my makeup.

Who knew.

saint laurent plaid

{Saint Laurent dress}

  But as much as I love Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent (and I really love Valentino) my wallet informed me it’s not a possibility.  But I did find a more affordable Alice + Olivia version for under $200 I’m ordering.

Alice + Olivia skirt

And while I would love to wear it with my gorgeous cashmere black over the knee socks I adore, that might be a little too ‘Clueless Barbie.’ Maybe even toeing the line of ‘lady of the evening Barbie.’

So…I’ll stick with tights and pumps or flat boots.


And it’s Time for Leather…

leather- HD jacket

 {jacket, Hunter Dixon}

Leather has never looked particularly great on me.  Actually it would be safe to say I look slightly ridiculous.  Think more biker and less chic.

So rather unfortunately for me, it’s one of the biggest trends right now.

leather- HD

But, fortunately for me, I found a more feminine way to wear leather.

A chic little tapered, tailored light weight leather jacket.  Perfect to pair with my chiffon dresses and silk maxis I wasn’t ready to let go of from summer.   I just needed to make my leather is ultra-girlie first.

Now I just need the weather to change…