no pictures, too serious…

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this website.  My life has changed so much so in the last couple months that I wasn’t quite sure what I had to say.

When I began this blog, something I had always envisioned was turning this website of design/interiors/fashion/randomness into something more.  I mean, lets be honest, it’s a really great name.  It’s like President Kitty.  You just can’t do better than that.  So with this great name, I needed a great followthrough.  After working so many years in fashion, I never wanted to get into retail, so I wasn’t quite sure of the direction.  But I just knew.

After starting my own floral design business in New Orleans mid-last year, it kind of came into fruition on its own.  At the beginning of this year, I (with The Boyfriend’s help) created House of Modern Vintage NOLA.  Since I do wedding florals, I also began helping a lot of brides design the style of their weddings.  Not like a planner, I can’t organize for shit.  Think more like design direction.

So The Boyfriend and I began scouting antique stores, resale shops, garage sales and estate sales.  Oh, and Etsy.  I know I always give Etsy shit because honestly it’s like finding a gold nugget in the middle of a landfill.  But find little nuggets, I did.

So after weeks and months of acquiring, we finally have a large assortment of design decor for events and weddings.  I’ve been slowly building a repertoire of events around the city (and Baton Rouge…long story) and getting it going.

I do weddings every weekend and it really has kind of taken over my life; I work 7 days a week and about 15 hours a day.  Fortunately, I love what I do, but it’s quickly taking over everything I know.  I don’t want to turn this into a wedding website, because then I might as well slap endless pictures of brides gazing thoughtfully into the distance and pairs of bedazzled ivory stilettos then rename it Pinterest.  But to warn you, it’s going to get wedding-y around here.

But anyhow, by doing so, the face of HoMV has changed.  I’ve found a calling (thank Christ it’s not fashion, that’s probably the only industry that pays as less than the government and is about as rewarding), and have revamped, revised and set my sights on very large things.  I believe it was Einstein that said, ‘go big or go home.’  Or maybe Chanel or Churchill, since the three of them are known to have said every quasi-inspirational quote in history.

So I may be late in saying this, as with everything I do, but ‘here’s to 2016.’  After I have my first two glasses of wine tonight, I’ll just have an extra as a toast.

“Go big or go home for 2016” – Einstein

vanity tables & french wine crates…

I haven’t owned a vanity table since I was seven.  Then, it was hot pink and had flowers.

Apparently my tastes haven’t changed much, I think I wore this headband last week.

me- beauty

I assumed I would be able to find a vanity table online; you can find anything online.  I bought a two pound bag of chia seeds on prime last week.  It’s all there, everything except a non-tacky vanity.

Along with my blind devotion to all things Amazon, I like to try and buy from small businesses.  So I looked on Etsy thinking I could find a vanity table that I could fix up.  Make into my dream vanity.

But there is one problem with this idea, finding something amazing is like finding a diamond in the rough. The Etsy cup overfloweth with homemade crap.  People had taken gorgeous french provincial dressing tables, painted them a baby blue or ‘distressed’ white, slapped some chevron contact paper in the drawers and called it “shabby chic.”  And then charge $450 for it.  I’m not paying $450 for ruined furniture that I’ll have to spend three days scrubbing with sand paper.

For example:


This shiny little gem I found for $400 plus $100 shipping.  People are crazy.  And God only knows how I would get the shellac off this desk.  And the groovy seizure inducing contact paper would have to go as well.  My first vanity was pink, at thirty (one, aaaaggghhhhh!!!) I’m looking for something with a little more subtly.

After my miserable failure that was Etsy, I opted for local shopping.  I love shopping.  I’ve been perusing the antique stores hoping to find a less pink, less shiny option.  I’ve yet to find what I’m looking for.

french wine crates

BUT, I did find these amazing french wine crates for $9 each.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with them but clearly I needed two of them.  It’s funny how when looking for one thing, you buy two of another instead.

So in the meantime I’ll continue to scour antique shops looking for non pink furniture then drink wine and scour Pinterest and figure out what to do with my wine crates.  I definitely get more creative when wine is involved.


to my never ending summer…

Thank goodness I moved to New Orleans because I think summer ends in mid December.  That’s about when the temperature drops to around a cool 65.

hammock- pinkBut in the warmer, sunnier meantime, I found the perfect backyard accessory.

Handmade in Nicaragua, these hammocks are hand crafted by a family who have been doing this for decades.

hammock- purp

{TCU hammock}

hammock- white

Hammocks make me nervous, like a dog on an elevator type situation.  A little too gravity defying for my tastes.  There’s always a concern about a hammock suddenly deciding to drop me to the hard ground.

But these woven, 100% cotton styles can each hold up to 450 pounds or three people (sounds like three pretty large people sitting in a hammock together).

So my fear has been abated.

sleepie nico

So maybe I can finally get this guy to stop jumping up on the bed and jump on a hammock.  Fortunately he’s only 40 pounds, so he and I can invite 10 of our friends to join us for cocktails on our new hammock.  Maybe we’ll invite President Kitty if everyone is feeling amicable.

Oh and they’re only $45-80.  I’ve been looking for a new dining room table, so maybe this could be a cheaper seating alternative to the mid-century modern chairs I’ve been eyeing.

I’m thinking pink.  Obviously.

Maria Hammocks

a kitchen must have…

Like a moth to flame, Etsy and I have a dangerous relationship.

french quarter jewel dish But when you come across amazing little pieces like this, it makes it all worth my current credit card bill.

A simple kitchen dish, detailed with a rendering of classic architecture from the French Quarter.

Wander Sketch

Vino on the Go…

Since The Boyfriend was studying for the bar, we’ve made a ritual of ‘wine time’ every evening around 5 or so.  Earlier?  Maybe.  Later?  Rarely.

 And apparently ‘wine time’ has expended into an evening adventure, the ‘wine walk’ which we walk the dog over to the neighborhood park.  Both parties win.

to go tumblersSo when a friend of mine sent me a link for these to-go wine tumblers, it seemed like a necessity.

And I love the comment she sent me with the link- “kinda small though, right?!”

Here’s the link to the kinda small personalized to-go vino tumbler by Dawlins.   Pink for me obviously.


Fashion…Ballerina Skirts

SatC- ballerina skirt

Around noon-ishtime, you can find me sitting on the floor in the office, surrounded by strands and strands of turquoise, gold beads among millions of other stones, making jewelry.  While doing so, I usually have the TV tuned onto news or something else I can zone in and out of.  But I recently found out, this is when Sex and the City comes on E!.

So the puppy and I switch over from the news and spend our lunchtime watching something a little less serious.

SatC-ballerina skirt 3

Which reminded me I have been wanting to buy several ballerina skirts for fall & holiday.  I’m thinking mint and cream, perfect to pair with tall stilettos and a crop sweater for date night.

 ballerina skirt 2

{Ouma by ouma on Etsy}

I found a great shop in Etsy that has the gorgeous shade of mint I want, everything is hand-dyed and custom made for you.

Perfect shop to find amazing pieces for weddings, think veils skirts, dresses, etc.  Or someone like me who think people should wear tulle everyday…

An Aztec Spring…


I have been looking into adding a little aztec into my jewelry line so got on the laptop and did a little research.  And shopping…

So I covered all my bases; hair, clothing, shoes and jewels.

Aztec hair bow

{Dimey Cakes}

A pink and turquoise bow perfect for adding to ballet buns.

aztec jean shorts

{Knee Deep Denim}

Custom made jean shorts perfect for hot summer days.

Aztec tennies

{Aztec Tennies}

And hand painted aztec tennies.

aztec earrings

And lastly, some jewels.

I am so ready for warmer temps.  But for now to pack for New York~ rain boots, heavy coats and layers of scarves.

In my sunny future…

bow swim suit

I don’t know if it’s a product of the weather being so nasty this week (Valentine’s Day in my rain boots = not ideal) but I have been craving a little time in the sun.

On a beach.

With a rum cocktail.

bow swim suit-2

I think my sun craving also stems from the fact my best friend just got back from St. Barth’s (actually I’m sure that had a lot to do with it).  I need a vacae and all I have in the books are two trips to NY, to which a friend there just informed me it’s been snowing/sleeting/raining.


bow swim suit-3

So in the meantime, these adorable little Australian made bikinis will do.  The designer says they go from pool side to boudoir but I think my vintage fabric clad derrière will remain pool side.

I can’t decide between floral and sunshine yellow.  Although both would be cutest…

Pita Pata Diva Vintage Boudoir

Cooler Temps…Bow Headbands

The Boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Paris over Christmas and New Years, so my friend in LA (who lived in Paris for a bit) has been sending me things that I need.  Apparently I need this.

{Lost Paper Planes}

I love this little crocheted bow headband for colder wearer.

The designs is based out of New York and creates everything by hand.  Oohhhh, and she has some amazing crocheted over the knee socks.  Love.

And at $15 each, these little bows will make perfect Christmas presents.  I’m thinking I might need cream.  Or red.

Probably both. And maybe hunter green…