Sweets & Vino…

cookie monster

On a trip to the grocery store to buy wine last night, I had a realization: I also wanted something sweet.

Eating ‘clean’ starts to mess with your sweet tooth after awhile.  There are only so many apples that can fill that void.


Imagine my utter delight when I found a cookie/brownie hybrid by the culinary wizard, Betty Crocker.

The best of both worlds.


As I learned last night, if you’ve never had wine and cookiebrownies, you’re missing out.

It’s as good, I realized this morning, as coffee and cookiebrownies.

Cocktails…Homemade Cider


Last Christmas in Paris, The Boyfriend and I had mead at a holiday street festival.  It as like something out of a movie, twinkling lights, roasting chestnuts and hot cider.  Since we are getting into the holiday season, I’ve been looking for a good cocktail recipe to recreate what we had.

After looking for mead recipes, I found you brew it like beer.  And it takes about three weeks.  Well I’m not one to wait three weeks for a cocktail, let alone three hours so I found a replacement recipe that takes about 30 minutes (albeit still longer than I like to wait for cocktails).

cider- oranges

First, I baked oranges studded with cloves at 350 degrees for half an hour.  In the meantime, I heated apple cider laced with Maker’s and cinnamon sticks on the stove top.

The combination made the house smell amazing.

cider- pot

Once the oranges were done, I heated up everything and let it simmer for a couple minutes.  And voila!

cider- me

 I normally don’t act like I stepped out of the pages of Pinterest, but I wanted to try and make something to remind us of Paris.

And it gave me a reason to wear my “je t’aime” sweatshirt.



Tea Party…

tea set

Being on the Whole30 diet, you’re kind of limited in what you can drink.

Alcohol?  No.  Sigh.  Anything with any type of sugar added is prohibited, think soft drinks, juices, etc.  Even 100% juice is frowned upon, which I’m ok with.  I take my mimosas with no orange juice please.

teasSo today, our weekly buy the grocery store out of produce day, I decided to pick up a couple loose leaf teas to try.  I’ve always thought ‘tea drinkers’ a little odd, why drink tea when you can have coffee or wine?  But lately when at the grocery, I find myself gravitating towards the spice, vinegar and tea section.   I’ve found since the list of foods I can eat is limited, I need to mix up my spice routine a little to add flavors.

teas-2I’ve decided on trying Superfruit Acai Green Tea today, and it’s surprisingly amazing.  It’s a gorgeous pink color (love it already) and lightly flavored.  Gives me a reason to use my grandmothers tea set.  And my new elephant tea pot I picked up 20 minutes after I decided I was now going to be a tea drinker.

Next, more kombucha cocktails for college football watching.



Date Night…50’s Style

I love that black winged eyeliner is big for fall.  This time of year, when the weather starts to cool, I love getting dressed up.  So since The Boyfriend and I had to work all weekend, we decided to have a low key date night.

Time to dress up.

{winged liquid eyeliner & pale pink gloss}

{Hunter Dixon Peppy Coat, vintage dress}

It’s finally cool enough for opaque tights and tall heels, one of my favorite if not absolute favorite looks for the fall season.  So I went with a girlie military coat and a little vintage dress (little because it was accidentally thrown into the laundry pile…).  And I was ready for a date.

Honestly, the coat is my most treasured piece of clothing in my closet.  Well, that and my grandmothers velvet Pucci maxi skirt from the 60’s.  That I’m saving for holiday parties.

Bourbon, bitters and passion fruit purée.  Yum…

Forget work.

Palm Beach Cocktails…

{Wright at Home}

My mom bought these amazing vintage looking cocktail glasses over the weekend which has made me start to think I need some too.  Honestly, the last thing I need are more cocktail glasses, I have kind of turned into an addict, but I love hand painted pieces and the bright pops of color.

They just look so Palm Beach, I love it.  Maybe I’ll sneak in later and see what else they have.  The Boyfriend is not going to be happy.  When he was looking for a water glass recently, I had to inform him I threw them out to accommodate space for my new mid-century hand painted tumblers.

St-Germain Cocktails…

I am a fan of St-Germain, especially in champagne, and our hotel had an amazing St-Germain cocktail on the menu.

It came in a heavy crystal decanter with ingredient levels etched in the side.

~2 parts sparkling water

~1 part St-Germain

~2 parts champagne or dry white wine

That decanter may or may not have come home in my bag.  And it may or may not have an orchid in it…

Drinkies…Basil Gimlet Fizz

Oh my gosh, I have to try this…

It just looks like the perfect summer drink.  I found it in this month’s Martha Stewart Living.   You freeze the watermelon cubes and use them instead of ice.

You just muddle basil with a little sugar.  Then add fresh lime juice, vodka and top with a bit of seltzer.

I’m making this weekend…


{Comme Ça in the Cosmopolitan}

Working market makes me feel much older than my mid twenties. I blame the time change.

So at the end of the day all I want is a cocktail and to get in bed with room service.   My adorable LA friend and I had fabulous drinks, then I had a grilled cheese in bed.

Best night of my life…