mid week pick me up…

After what seems like the longest week ever, and as it stands it’s only mid-afternoon Thursday, I decide to treat myself with beauty products.

gloss and mascara

Nothing like mascara and lip gloss to make Thursday seem more like a Saturday.  And bought myself some flowers.  

Oh and I made brownies (they’re gone).  

And am having a glass of sauvignon blanc (almost gone but thank God it’s refillable).

dior gloss

My make-up arsenal consists of gloss and mascaras.

This Dior gloss, Creme de Rose, is incredible.  Smells like roses and not like old ladies.  It’s plumping without being sticky.

And everyone always need more mascaras.  My two current favorites are Dior Addict It-Lash and Marc Jacobs Omega.  Layer for almost fake looking length.  I’m southern, I like mascara.  A lot of it.

julepApparently I had decided as early as Monday this was already the longest week of my thirty years because that was when I ordered my present to myself online.

Ten hours and counting til Friday…


So I’m a bit Girlie-Girl…


As I put together valentine packages for my little nieces, it dawned on me that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.

So I rifled through my drawer of 800 nail polishes of varying shades of the same color and put together a combo of mink and pink for the big day.

V-Day Nails

I must follow too many boutiques and fashion types on Instagram, because my feeds have been full of ‘What to Wear for Valentine’s’ type posts.  Red dresses paired with matching sky-high stilettos, crazy valentine’s manicures with glitter hearts or something equally outlandish paired with ruby-red glossed lips, and so on…and on.

While it may seem a little over the top to me, maybe it’s I who needs to update my outlook.  I do work in fashion, I should probably be more fashionable.

V-Day Nails-2

So I made my way to the Dior counter at Neimans.  I was explaining to the guy who was trying to sell me foundations that I don’t really like to wear much make-up.  “You know, like super sheer, non-existent barely tinted moisturizer.  Along those lines.”

I was then informed by this apparently well informed makeup man that I’m not getting any younger (ouch) and “it doesn’t hurt to slap a little paint on the barn.”


Valentines-gold ncklaces

{Chanel Rose Éclat; jewels~ M Elizabeth Designs}

While I did not “slap any paint on the barn” (I swear that will forever be ingrained in my head) I do have two pink nails and ‘slapped on’ some neon pink lipstick.

That’s all Saint Valentine is getting from me.