Spring 2014 is in the Chilly Air…


Dallas makes me think of two things.  Hair appointments and fashion.

One I like significantly more than the other.


It’s hard working a couple seasons before the actually time of the year.  For example, I’m looking at a gorgeous collection of Spring ’14 chiffons and lace but am doing so wearing leather knee boots and a cashmere sweater.   I think it’s messing with my mind.

Dallas Market

But I have some bad news.  Apparently leather is still trending for spring.

It’s never ending…

Shopping avec ma Mère…

french lavendar

This past Friday, my mom and I took a little shopping trip to Dallas.

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with work, new business ventures and more work so I thought a little shopping excursion would be the perfect creativity pick-me-up.

Oh, and cocktails.


We went in shop after adorable shop in the Bishop Art’s District.  They have so many amazing home decor stores, not to mention giftie boutiques, vintage shops and a couple galleries.

It’s hard not to find something I need every time I go.  To which The Boyfriend reminded me of the last time I said I “needed” something I found there, that we didn’t, in fact, ‘need’ a zebra hide throw rug.  Differing opinions to say the least.

drinks-bees knees

{Bee’s Knees~ gin, lemon and a touch of honey}

We dropped in Oddfellow’s for lunch and decided on a cocktail (or two).  I had the Bee’s Knees and my mom had her first ever Moscow Mule.  I forgot how much I like gin, so perfect for summer.

gypsy wagon

After lunch we dropped in a couple of my favorite antique stores on Knox Henderson.  Also peeked in one of my favorite eclectic boutiques in Dallas, Gypsy Wagon.  An array of home, bohemian clothing, jewels and accessories, I always find something (or several things) I need.

Well, ‘need’ in my opinion.  Who doesn’t need a rose gold silk and silver beaded boho hair crown?

To Fabulous Weekends…

orchid bowl


I’m looking forward to a less than productive weekend and I’m absolutely thrilled.

My mom and I are going on a creative excursion through the cultural and design districts of Dallas today followed by a long leisurely dinner and date night with The Boyfriend.

So here’s to a lovely weekend…


Private Social…Paint your Food


My favorite and I went to a handbag launch at an adorable boutique in uptown Dallas the other day and after a little shopping we decided it was time for a glass of wine and some snacks.


Private Social- aroma cup

{aroma cup of dill and thyme}

Around the corner we found an interesting restaurant created by a previous Top Chef winner.  The new chef had changed the menu to cater to a more creative foodie, one that had better like playing with their food.

When seated, an aroma cup is placed on the table, and you’re warned not to drink from it.  It smelled ah-mazing but was a little bizarre.

But I LOVED our snacks.

Private Social- easel

One of the appetizers is an easel that comes with a little pastry canvas and edible paint for you to play with.  My friend wanted to make a seascape and I aimed to flowers but we were pretty hungry and ended up eating the paint and canvas with no real art to show for it.

I think I like edible art.

Markets & Hair Accessories…

FIG March 13

{March FIG Market~Dallas}

Oh markets, we share a love/hate relationship.  The stress, the work involved, not to mention the occasional catastrophe (this particular catastrophe was of the shipping variety) but the advantages make it all worthwhile.

I relish seeing old friends, love the opportunity to make new ones and adore the lines I work with.

Not to mention shopping for personals…

Colette Malouf

{Colette Malouf Fall 2013}

I love accessories (obv, I’m a jewelry designer) and have always had an obsession with the gorgeous hair accessory line Colette Malouf, whose booth was next to mine.  Fate?  Yes, I believe so.

So on Saturdays, as the show starts to slow down and buyers head back home I get in a little sample shopping.  I fell in one with this intricate, very french inspired, tulle and leather flower headband.

Do I need it?  No, but when has that ever influenced anything I have ever done.


Now Hear This…All-American Rejects

This has been one of my favorite bands for several years and, unfortunately, I couldn’t find a video to my favorite song Breakin’.  But I found this one of them preforming live at House of Blues in Dallas.

Dance Inside by All-American Rejects.


If someone would have told me a year ago, or let alone even six months ago, that I would become a lover of vintage clothing, I would have disagreed.  Strongly.

But tonight after finding several dresses in a vintage shop off Greenville Avenue in Dallas, I finally came to the realization, that vintage shopping, similar to a sale in the shoe salon at Neimans, is somewhat of a sport.  One that I think I am starting to master.

I mastered expensive shoe shopping a long time ago…