Interiors…The Bar

bar areaI recently moved, and oddly enough, even as the movers were bringing things in and carting the unwanted back out, I decide it was a good a time as any to set up my bar area.  Because, God only knows, when you’re moving, you need a drink.

bar cartI collect vintage cocktail glasses, focus on mid-century, and have amassed quite an assortment.  And, as I learned when moving, I have too many books.  Actually, what I really learned when moving was I have too many things in general.

But since we were moving, I donated probably hundreds of books (did I really need two Twlight books?  Did I really even need one?) as the space is smaller in the new living are so a couple book cases had to go.

barSo this seemed the perfect way to utilize the space I had.  Bookcase/bar.

I still have too many books, they’re secretly hidden everywhere.  And apparently, I have too much liquor.  I’m joking, we all know you can never have too much liquor.

As I look at the picture above, I realize while you can always have too many copies of Twilight, you can never have too many bottles of Maker’s.


To Fabulous Weekends…

orchid bowl


I’m looking forward to a less than productive weekend and I’m absolutely thrilled.

My mom and I are going on a creative excursion through the cultural and design districts of Dallas today followed by a long leisurely dinner and date night with The Boyfriend.

So here’s to a lovely weekend…


Kate Spade Votive Holders…

One of my favorite friends gave me the most beautiful birthday gift.  Little Kate Spade votive holders with polka dots etchings.

She found them knowing one of my favorite gifts from a couple years ago was my matching old school champagne glasses my mom bought me.

I love matching things, especially crystal.  Time to have a party!


I have a thing for chandeliers.

The Boyfriend and I are in the throws of an overhaul and this was one of the things we have been deciding on for about six months.

No exaggeration.  Six months.

But is was well worth the wait.  One thing we can check off the list.


Especially pretty for our first night.