For the Foodie…

For the foodie in my life.


Actually, if I’m being honest, its for me.  The Boyfriend isn’t a foodie, per se, it’s more a ‘I cook and he eats’ situation.

So for our present,  I found these gourmet salts from all over the world.  Since we have gotten into eating fresh and cooking our own meals (again let me reiterate, I cook) I’ve been looking for new spices, salts, etc, to experiment with when cooking.

I’m refining my salt palate.

Pinterest & Pancakes

As I do most weekends, I spent far too many hours on Pinterest this past weekend.  I found a recipe for blackberry pancakes earlier in the week and emailed it to The Boyfriend asking him to make them for me.

Hmph.  I received no pancakes.

blueberry pancakes

So this weekend, The Boyfriend said blueberry pancakes sound delicious (yes, they always do when you don’t have to make them) so I went to the store and fired up Pinterest.

blueberry pancakes 2

12,000 pancake recipes later I finally found one.

Next time, he’s making pancakes…

Cooking…Pot Roast

pot roast


While I was ‘de-cluttering’ the kitchen the other day I came across some kind of pot.  It caught my attention because it was huge and taking up entirely too much cabinet space.  I added to the throw away pile til The Boyfriend informed me I was not going to be throwing away the crock pot.

pot roast 2

Mind blown.

I had no idea how easy this thing makes cooking.  Roughly chop some veggies (I did onion, carrots and sweet potato) and add meat.  I threw in some rosemary and thyme sprigs and done.

Well, eight hours later your done.

pot roast 3

Being a vegetarian I have no idea how it tasted but it smelled delicious.  Even for a non-meat eater.

Resulting pot roast = success!

I need to find more things to make in this thing.


Date Night… Cooking at Home

The Boyfriend & I have both been trying to be a little more healthy since the beginning of the New Year, but every once in a while I crave a good wine & cheese night.

scotch & camembert

After our Paris trip, The Boyfriend has since taken up drinking scotch.  I’m still a little on the fence; it’s some potent stuff so I ended up  switching to a Chilean Cab.  Much more my speed.

So we had cocktails/wine with little basil pesto and camembert crostini on grilled ciabatta.



{white wine & tarragon marinated portabello mushrooms- later grilled}

sweet potatoes

{twice baked parmesan sweet potatoes}


{portabella sandwiches with pesto and goat cheese on individual grilled ciabatta rolls}

So there ended up being very little ‘health’ involved with our date night, but I figure it’s always more fun that way anyways.  Now back to resolutions.


Oh, and here is my opinion of scotch…

I Love Macaroons…

I love Macarons book


For Christmas this year, I gave my best friend in LA a macaroon cook book.  She always describes herself as a “50’s housewife”-esque type so I thought this would be perfect.


I love Macarons


That and every weekend she texts me pics of the madelines she bakes.  I love macaroons so I figured, give her the book and hopefully she will make them for me next time I visit.

Prosecco and pistachio macaroons.  Yummmmmm….


But apparently making macaroons is harder than I thought.

After trying all day, on the fourth attempt she made two vanilla macaroons.  Apparently looks can be deceiving; while it looks delicious, unfortunately she said it did not taste as such.

Bottega Louie Macaroon

{macaroons from Bottega Louie from last trip to LA}

Fortunately, she has Bottega Louie around the corner from her office.  Fake it ’til you make it…

Foodies…French Toast

One of my favorite people sent me a Christmas care package with lots of random little goodies.  A bottle of wine from her “neck of the woods” (California), an amaretto cake, some German candies and a game of “Who?” to play when we drink the wine.

Oh, and parmesan shortbread from my favorite restaurant in San Francisco, La Boulangerie.


After an evening of Christmas tree trimming and cocktail drinking over at my moms, I was in the holiday spirit this morning and wanted to make something fun for breakfast.

So I made The Boyfriend some french toast made out of amaretto cake.


Here is the thing about amaretto cake before it is made into french toast, it’s extremely rich.  But as I have learned about everything fried in butter, it becomes even better.  top with organic maple syrup and…voila


Dinner Parties…

I threw a dinner party at my mom’s house for The Boyfriend’s family.  Good lord, dinner parties are a lot of work.

We feasted on herb roasted lamb with root vegetables, roasted pesto heirloom tomatoes and cherry pie for dessert (that the bakery at Central Market made).

So after maybe a little too much vino and brie, I am in dire need of detox and a long run.

The way this week has turned out, it needs to be a very long run…

Date Night…Grill Master

Despite being 100 degrees in the Texas heat, The Boyfriend and I decided it was time to grill.  It is Memorial Day after all.  So after grilled rosemary bread and brie, roasted shitake mushrooms, grilled potatoes and asparagus (and steak for the meat eater), we sat in the blazing heat and had a glass of Sancerre.

My mom gave us these amazing little wine glasses from the Modern Art Musuem gift shop.  Perfect for outside use; they’re plastic and have a little thumb indention.  So you really never need to put it down.

Maybe to refill…

Date Night…Dinner at Home

To say things have been a little hectic lately would be an understatement.

I wanted to do something nice for The Boyfriend so I planned a nice evening in.

I made a spinach/artichoke puff pastry appetizer followed by New Orleans style BBQ shrimp (apparently does not involve actual BBQ sauce but an hour long creole sauce from scratch- should have invested more time in google before agreeing to make this) and jalapeño cheese grits.

 But most importantly…I slaved hours over dessert.


Foodies…Fried Chicken & Biscuits

I have a couple resolutions to maintain but wanted to start the New Year off right.  So I made The Boyfriend fried chicken and biscuits from scratch.

I at least tried a slightly healthier version.  I have an old school recipe for fried chicken, in which coat the chicken in seasoned mayonnaise, bread it then fry it in Crisco.

It’s hard to make something that sounds like it’s going to kill you healthier but I used skinless tenders, replaced mayo with a mustard/chili mix and fried in olive oil.

To accompany my healthy fried chicken, I made free formed cheddar and dill biscuits.  I met a super talented personal chef/caterer, Callie Salls of Linguine & Dirty Martinis, at a party recently and bought some of this Strawberry & Black Pepper jam which was perfect to top the savory biscuits.


But we are back on track for a healthy New Years so it was a rude awakening this morning when The Boyfriend was given Special K and Light Silk.

Unhappy camper…