New Faves…Colette Malouf

Colette Malouf

Hair accessories are my ultimate guilty pleasure.

I say that, but then think back to the money spent on mascaras, vintage caplets, Louboutins, mid century cocktail glasses (honestly the list is endless…), that I realize this is only one of my many guilty pleasures.  Oh, and wine.  Love wine.

colette malouf- 2

So after undergoing a hair coloring overhaul recently, I decided it was time to stock up.  I’ve been a fan of Colette Malouf since, well forever, and had ordered a couple pies from their Fall 13 Collection.

Now, about that wine…

Markets & Hair Accessories…

FIG March 13

{March FIG Market~Dallas}

Oh markets, we share a love/hate relationship.  The stress, the work involved, not to mention the occasional catastrophe (this particular catastrophe was of the shipping variety) but the advantages make it all worthwhile.

I relish seeing old friends, love the opportunity to make new ones and adore the lines I work with.

Not to mention shopping for personals…

Colette Malouf

{Colette Malouf Fall 2013}

I love accessories (obv, I’m a jewelry designer) and have always had an obsession with the gorgeous hair accessory line Colette Malouf, whose booth was next to mine.  Fate?  Yes, I believe so.

So on Saturdays, as the show starts to slow down and buyers head back home I get in a little sample shopping.  I fell in one with this intricate, very french inspired, tulle and leather flower headband.

Do I need it?  No, but when has that ever influenced anything I have ever done.