But Most Importantly, Let’s Have Cocktails…


Since I had a little extra time today, seeing as it’s Sunday and it’s too cold for patio drinks, I decided to indulge myself in my ongoing obsession.


So I headed over to Anthro and bought some extraneous glassware.

I feel like one of those people on Doomsday Preppers, that stockpile for the one day when the government collapses and the earth is overrun by aliens or whatever.  Apparently I’m prepping for that day when I will have to host an impromptu cocktail party for 200.


But I’ll be ready.  Cocktail in hand.

Palm Beach Cocktails…

{Wright at Home}

My mom bought these amazing vintage looking cocktail glasses over the weekend which has made me start to think I need some too.  Honestly, the last thing I need are more cocktail glasses, I have kind of turned into an addict, but I love hand painted pieces and the bright pops of color.

They just look so Palm Beach, I love it.  Maybe I’ll sneak in later and see what else they have.  The Boyfriend is not going to be happy.  When he was looking for a water glass recently, I had to inform him I threw them out to accommodate space for my new mid-century hand painted tumblers.