a new season for cocktails…

It’s finally cooled down here in Southern Louisiana to a brisk 85 degrees, so that means it’s finally time for fall cocktails.

About this time last year in Texas, I made a Maker’s Cider because for some reason we had nine bottles of Maker’s in our pantry.

Fast forward to this year in our new home in New Orleans.  While at the grocery store I saw it was cider time of year, so I bought an orange, cloves and a bottle of spiced cider.  Went home, then started to put all my ingredients together:

I baked the clove stuffed oranges at 350 for 20 minutes.


I put the cider in a pot on medium heat.

I went to add whisky and, imagine my surprise, we had none left. I guess moving to a different state and renovating a house for 6 months will do that to your liquor supply.  I’m honestly surprised it was only nine bottles.

But guess what I do have a lot of.  Wine.  Me without a full stock of wine is like The Boyfriend not screaming at the TV on LSU game days.

So I swapped a copious amount of whisky for a bottle of wine.  Either way, win-win.

Other than the wine, there was only one other little change.

Me cider drinking last year vs. me cider drinking this year.

cider me

Apparently the only thing that didn’t change in a year is my love of cocktails and dark nail polish.

Cocktails…Homemade Cider


Last Christmas in Paris, The Boyfriend and I had mead at a holiday street festival.  It as like something out of a movie, twinkling lights, roasting chestnuts and hot cider.  Since we are getting into the holiday season, I’ve been looking for a good cocktail recipe to recreate what we had.

After looking for mead recipes, I found you brew it like beer.  And it takes about three weeks.  Well I’m not one to wait three weeks for a cocktail, let alone three hours so I found a replacement recipe that takes about 30 minutes (albeit still longer than I like to wait for cocktails).

cider- oranges

First, I baked oranges studded with cloves at 350 degrees for half an hour.  In the meantime, I heated apple cider laced with Maker’s and cinnamon sticks on the stove top.

The combination made the house smell amazing.

cider- pot

Once the oranges were done, I heated up everything and let it simmer for a couple minutes.  And voila!

cider- me

 I normally don’t act like I stepped out of the pages of Pinterest, but I wanted to try and make something to remind us of Paris.

And it gave me a reason to wear my “je t’aime” sweatshirt.