christmas came early…

My life will never be the same.

Brilliantly, I decided to do my Christmas shopping earlier than Christmas Eve this year.  I’m currently working on trying to reduce the amount of stress in my life.  Baby steps.

I asked each family member for a list, so while perusing the internets for waders for the fly fisherman in my life (lesson learned, don’t ask people what they want) I found a 20% off coupon for a Keurig.

IMG_0406So happy early Christmas to me.  Except for the fact I’m pretty sure my general contractor threw my old one away (I need to keep closer eye on him).

Now back to looking at waders online.

After which I’m headed over to my contractor’s house to throw away his coffee maker.


Christmas Shopping Early. Double it.

What began as an attempt to buy Christmas presents early was derailed.  Again.  Sigh.

I need to hire someone to do my present buying for me.  Oddly that would probably be cheaper than going shopping myself.  Last year Christmas shopping for others earned me a pair of brown suede knee boots for my Paris trip and three Valentino headbands.  Oh, and two extra months paying down my credit card.

kate spade planner

So, as this doesn’t really seem like much of a solution to the extra spending problem, I’m buying two of everything.  I travel a lot for work and have a hard time keeping track of my busy schedule (The Boyfriend is going to laugh if he ever reads that) so I immediately fell in love with this day planner from Kate Spade.

kate spade planner insideHonestly, who wouldn’t?  It’s smothered in roses and only $36.  So for my best friend who travels like I do, just significantly more well organized than myself, this is for her.  And me.  Like I said, everything is coming in twos this year.

Oh, and I found the best resin glitter coasters also from Kate Spade for the LSU fan in my life.  Not The Boyfriend.  I don’t think he would appreciate them quite as much of my friend would.

But we’ll see when I get my set in the mail.