staying cozy in the cold…

mark & graham set 3

Thankfully it doesn’t get very cold here since all my coats and cold weather accessories are locked in a small storage locker somewhere across town.

Funny I look back on the thought we had planned on being moved out of this house before this past Thanksgiving so I didn’t bother packing any warm clothes.  Silk maxis and crop tops?  That I currently have in abundance in my closet. A jacket or some gloves, not so much.

mark & graham set 2

{Mark & Graham}

But since I’m still here, for Christmas I asked for cashmere arm warmers and a beret (who doesn’t need a beret) to keep warm.

  Well, that and a hot toddy.  Now I’m set.

DIY…Architecture Sketches

Conceptually, DIY is great.

I’m all about people creating things.  Huuuge fan of creativity.  Honestly, I’m about to go make a table from a marble slab, hair pin legs and a chunk of ply wood (wish me luck.  I’m no Jesus, carpentry is not my thing).

Although sometimes, paying someone else to do something just it the way to go.  But a lesson was learned this holiday season and it was don’t entrust your Christmas presents to someone on the internet.

drawing platter

I had originally intended to order presents from an artist in New Orleans who creates custom designs and transposes them onto simple dishes/platters/etc of your choosing.  But apparently you need to order these months in advance.

I do nothing months in advance, let alone hours in advance.  I’m lucky if I make it to my yoga class once a month; I just don’t like having a schedule.  So when informed this amazing artist person would not be making my presents for me (unless I wanted to give everyone their gift in March) I decided, as I do with everything else (and probably shouldn’t) that I’ll just do it myself.

Draw.  Shellac.  Complete.

moms house

My mom recently painted her front door a chartreuse greenie yellow.  Sounds horrible but it’s amazing (or maybe unique would be a more appropo word).  She’s lived in the house since before my brother and I were born so I thought a sketch of her house with her new door would be something she would appreciate.

I also made one of the French Quarter for some friends of ours that live in Baton Rouge. We just moved to New Orleans back in August so I wanted to create something to commemorate this.

french quarter

On Christmas my aunt came over and saw my moms gift.  “What is DIY?”  she asked me.  Apparently she’s the last person on the planet without a Pinterest account.

“DIY means remember to buy your Christmas presents way in advance next year.”

Oh Christmas Tree…

tree star


This was my first year to have my own tree.  And the thing about buying my own tree is that I can decorate it however I want.

Pink glitter?  Oh, absolutely.

christmas tree


Functional Gifts…

kate spa



I love coming home to a gift in the mail at Christmas time, but when it’s adorable and functional.  Get out.

I’ve never been a giver of functional gifts, I like to try to give people things they didn’t realize they needed or would love.  Although I have learned that kind of gift giving can be pretty hit of miss…

kate spade passport

We leave for Paris later this week and The Boyfriend’s little sister gave me a fun polka dot passport holder.

Cute little cards, pop colored wrappings and other little signature details, make receiving a package from Kate Spade almost as great as whatever is inside.  This little note was tucked away in my gift.

kate spade

I don’t know who ‘she’ is but I like her style.

Dressing a Christmas Tree…

{dress, Hunter Dixon; boots from Tesori}


The weekend was spent doing holiday things, such as decorating trees, cocktails with my mom, present shopping…among other things.  We haven’t decorate our house this year since we will be gone for the holidays but it was nice being able to decorate someone else’s.

Didn’t quite realize how short this dress was…



My mom informed me that once I get my own tree I will finally be given the pink glitter ornaments.

I guess I finally have a reason to stay in town next year.

Reindeer & Leg Warmers…


Today it’s 80 degrees outside, which is odd considering it’s the beginning of December.  Regardless of the blazing sun, I have these new little cuties to keep me warm in my AC cooled house.

We did Christmas a little early with The Boyfriend’s aunt and she gave me some adorable reindeer leg warmers for our upcoming trip to Paris.   Fortunately it’s winter there so I finally can get my winter clothes out of hiding.

Cooler Temps…Bow Headbands

The Boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Paris over Christmas and New Years, so my friend in LA (who lived in Paris for a bit) has been sending me things that I need.  Apparently I need this.

{Lost Paper Planes}

I love this little crocheted bow headband for colder wearer.

The designs is based out of New York and creates everything by hand.  Oohhhh, and she has some amazing crocheted over the knee socks.  Love.

And at $15 each, these little bows will make perfect Christmas presents.  I’m thinking I might need cream.  Or red.

Probably both. And maybe hunter green…

Christmastime…Neiman’s & Target

Neiman’s at Christmastime is one of my favorite places.  Of all time.

 I love their downtown Dallas location; they put up their huge Christmas tree in the make up department and decorate the whole store.  I just want to live there.

But now, Neimans will be walking distance at Target this holiday season. NM recruited 24 American designers to create gifts for the discounter between $8 and $500.

Band of Outsiders, Alice+Olivia, Lela Rose, Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa, Tracy Reese…

I am so excited!  

Christmas Delicacies…

After non-stop drinking and eating the holidays have finally come to an end.  And to top it off we had the most amazing meal at The Boyfriend’s family’s home in New Orleans, complete with Bananas Foster.

Oh my god, diet starts in the morning…