Last time I tried my hand at Chicago, it snowed eight inches the first night I was there.  But my amazing hotel made up for it.

This time, I had the opposite experience.  No snow (didn’t realize that was possible for Chicago) and the saddest hotel in the city.  Apparently just because you are on Michigan Ave, doesn’t mean you should expect quality.


I was in town for the COAST Show, a Chicago/Miami/NY market, and had the Hunter Bell Fall/Winter 2014 collection with me.  Thank God, all those coats came in handy.

I had walked to a teeny little french wine bar one night for dinner and the waiter made the observation that I must not be from the area.  “You look like you’re wearing three coats and a scarf and it’s only 45 degrees out.”  He laughed, I didn’t.  I was still cold.

Maybe next time, I’ll skip Chicago and go try Miami.  I’ll swap snow for sand and coats for bikinis.

And have a mojito.  (two)

Chicago…Hancock Tower

Across the street from our hotel was the Hancock Tower so, of course, we went for drinks one afternoon before dinner.

We somehow managed to get a corner table and the view is spectacular.  Even if you don’t like heights.

So to follow our afternoon of Clementine Martinis at the Hancock Tower, we hit up the Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club for this…

It was quite a weekend.


While bachelorette parries are always fun, sometimes you need a little time to yourself.

We stayed on Michigan Ave, right next to all the amazing shopping, so I would escape in the mornings, grab some coffee and walk downtown and shop.

I came across the new home of Lanvin on East Oak (my new fave shopping destination).  The store is opening soon so the windows were painted in cartoon Lanvin models.

Speaking of Lanvin, this is my favorite video on youtube.

Lanvin Fall/Winter ad campaign.

It’s too good for words, LOVE Karen Elson.  They dance about as well as I do…

To Great Weekends…

The Boyfriend and I had an amazing weekend enjoying the great outdoors.  Starting by the pool in the sun, followed by an outdoor arts festival by our house…

…and ending inside with some friends.

It was just the weekend I needed to make myself focus this week before leaving for Chicago.

Now, what to pack…