valentine’s day essentials…


All I really want for Valentine’s is someone to rub my shoulders and a bottle of wine.

But here are some other gorgeous little necessities for the big day.


Normally, The Boyfriend and I are rather anti- NYE & Valentine’s Day.  A couple of my least favorite things usually happen on these holidays~ crowds, waiting and prix-fixe menus, just to name a couple.  Especially prix-fixe menus.

Waaay to picky for that nonsense.


{ bobbi pins from Anthro}

But this year, I had a change of heart; cocktails and dinner can’t be too bad.  Although I haven’t tried to make reservations yet, so maybe I’m being a little optimistic.

But my hair will look good while we wait; I’m thinking messy bun.

After an hour or so of cocktails and waiting for a table, “messy” will be inevitable.  I’d rather start with “artfully messy” than end with “cocktail messy.”

Socks Please…

I love looking at pics from Fashion Week in Paris.  It always seems so over the top and theatrical.

chanel- paris


But aside from the amazing Valentino show, I found something else that made me very happy.

Gaultier- Paris


I’m not ashamed to admit it anymore, I love wearing socks with heels.  It’s such a vintage-y, girly look.

Now I just need to find a pink pair to wear with my cheetah Manolos.

Finally, vindication.

Flouro for Spring ’13…

Sitting on my couch reading Vogue and drinking pinot (otherwise known as my regular evening routine), I came across an article about make-up trends for Spring ’13.

Normally I don’t pay too much attention unless it’s about mascara or glosses (I’m a lash and lip girl), but I was ecstatic to see fluorescents are the new thing.

Vogue- Flouro

To say I love neon pink would be an epic understatement, like saying I like fruity pebbles in my frozen yogurt.  I love fruity pebbles in my frozen yogurt.

Pink day planner, wallet, lip gloss…the list is on-going and it’s endless.

OCC Lip Tar- Nylon

I came across this lip gloss from OCC via Pinterest and ordered from Sephora.  Highly pigmented with a slight hint of metallic sheen.  I’m a little nervous about the goo-factor considering the name ‘Tar’ but if the color is that gorgeous in person, I can deal with goo.

A friend of mine gave me her old Chanel lipstick, sadly now out of production, which sounds strange to take someone else’s lipstick but the color was so amazing I couldn’t say no.  It was a cream matte and in a bright bold pink.  I loved it until the day I had one too many glasses of chardonnay with friends and left it on a patio.

Pink lipstick…you will be missed.

Chanel L'Eclatante

So to relieve my agony over losing the best lipstick ever, I went to Neimans to see what new things Chanel had to offer.  To replace the old color I had, apparently other people had been asking as well, they now offer L’Eclatante.  A new neon pink creme lipstick.


Chanel- Spring 13 Nails

They also have these gorgeous new nail colors for Spring ’13.  They always have the best colors, old-school Vamp still being my personal fave.

Spring…I’ll be ready.

A New Year…A New Satchel is Needed

The Boyfriend jokes that I don’t need a briefcase to carry jewels, but as I have repeatedly explained, these are not briefcases.  They are satchels.

And I need one.

Cambridge Flouro Satchel

{Cambridge Satchel Company}

A girl I went to TCU with, now living in NY, has two of these Cambridge Satchels, this shockingly vivid neon pink one and a gorgeous ivory.   Obviously, I’m slightly jealous but am looking to remedy that.

Cambridge Emboss

 They emboss so I’m thinking bright pink with silver.  I’m trying to convince my friend in LA to get red with silver.

Chanel PVC Glitter Bag

I remember several years ago, Chanel did their first clear PVC version of their classic 2.55 bag.  I wanted one so bad but something about spending over a thousand dollars on a bag made of plastic, seemed a little ridiculous.   Plus, do you honestly want someone seeing whats in your bag?  Probably not.

Unfortunately I would just end up putting pretty, i.e. useless, items in there to create more of a piece of art than something functional.  But I work in fashion, there is little function involved.

Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel


But then I came across Phillip Lim’s Pashli Satchel.   Opaque and clear PVC trimmed in leather, so you now have the illusion of privacy.  The perfect summer bag.

Both of these are significantly better priced than the Chanel I wanted forever ago, with the Phillip Lim at $650 and the Cambridge being less than $200.

My birthday is coming up.  I hope my mother is reading this.  Pink please…

Fall Make-Up…


I guess my love of beauty products started early, along with my love of fashion.  I think my mom created a monster.  I’m not sure at what point the monster reared its head but it happened.  And it happened early.


Red lips are big for Fall, and with this news I’m ecstatic.  Also, black kohl lined cat-eyes which is another one of my faves, very old school look.

 So, I’m headed off to the Chanel counter for a little make-up update.  Red lips and messy bun, here I come…

Karl Lagerfeld & Shu Uemura…Heaven

I wake up this morning to news Karl Lagerfeld is joining Shu Uemura, launching a one time holiday collection for the beauty line.  To say I was ecstatic is an understatement.

I love Shu Uemura; I have tons of their fake lashes and beauty products.  I haven’t really ever tried their make up but will definitely give this a try.  It’s described as Lagerfeld’s “iconic, ironic style.”

The article also mentioned that the Chanel Creative Director has used Shu Uemura to hand color his design sketches for the last two decades.  Oh my god, that’s fascinating.

I will be first in line to buy all this.  I don’t even need to see it first…

Beauty…Glitter Nail Polish

{; ring,}

I read somewhere recently that darker polishes are in for summer.  I like hearing that since I don’t wear polish otherwise.

My adorable friend in LA can wear red nail polish in a way that isn’t trashy.  I, on the other hand, tried it and it looked quite trashy.

So, ironically, I’ll stick with glitter…

Must Have…Spring ’12 Chanel Make Up

I wasn’t absolutely in love the Spring 2012 Runway Collection from Chanel (I feel strange typing that sentence) but the make up was absolutely gorgeous.

Especially in love with the nail colors…

{Le Vernis April}

{Le Vernis May}

{Le Vernis June}

I think one of the off-putting aspects of the show was the bodily addition of pearls, such as a the pearl spine or hair accessories.

But then again, he is Karl Lagerfeld so he can do whatever he wants…