DIY…hairpin leg table

After remodeling the house, I was left with a 30 pound slab of cararra marble from the master bathroom that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with.

hairpin table 1

I used to be the person who threw everything away.  Now I find the phrase “save that, I’ll use it” come out of my mouth more and more often, much to the chagrin of my hoarding boyfriend.

hairpin table 3

I found an article in Martha Stewart’s Living about buying vintage looking hairpin legs and making your own table.  I normally don’t find much in her magazine that’s doable, more like “you need this exact spice but they only sell it on the outer edges of a city on the southeastern region of Spain” and so on,  but this was actually useful.

hairpin table 4

I googled where to buy and found (which is misleading, they’re the same price as everywhere else) and bought four 14″ stainless steel legs for around $80 total.

Thankfully The Boyfriend helped me otherwise I would have just screwed them directly into the marble and then wondered why the slab combusted into several pieces (DIY is not always fun for those of us that lack common sense).

So I screwed the legs into an old Ikea shelf I sawed in half and used liquid nails to attached the wood to the cararra.

hairpin table 5

6 hours of drying time later…

hairpin legs table 5

Surprisingly easy.  And now I can add ‘carpenter’ to my odd resume.

Fashion & PR, Construction & Carpentry.