St-Germain Cocktails…

I am a fan of St-Germain, especially in champagne, and our hotel had an amazing St-Germain cocktail on the menu.

It came in a heavy crystal decanter with ingredient levels etched in the side.

~2 parts sparkling water

~1 part St-Germain

~2 parts champagne or dry white wine

That decanter may or may not have come home in my bag.  And it may or may not have an orchid in it…

Wedding Weekend…

After a long weekend of too many cocktails, too much food and the most ornately beautiful wedding I have ever been to, we are finally home.

It was a gorgeous Indian wedding of friends from Louisiana, complete with white horse and dancing down the street.  The grooms father handed out parasols as a way to incorporate ‘second line’ and a New Orleans flavor into the ceremony.

I may be a jewelry designers but that horse had me beat…


A Must…Vintage-esque Swim Suits

{swim suit, Sea Folly Australia}

I just got back from LA and my absolute favorite out there gave me this amazing little vintage-y swim suit.  The adorable Australian line, Sea Folly, has a very pin-up 50’s style esthetic and this little two piece is so me and exactly what I have been looking for.

She also “loaned’ me this book (she should have learned after loaning me her entire David Sedaris collection that’s still in my library) which she said was amazing.  If anything I like the title.  There’s a start.

So since I still have another 200 days of Texas Summer ahead of me, I’m off to the pool…

Fashionable Cocktails…

The Pattern Bar ~ Downtown Los Angeles

I wouldn’t necessarily say this is one of my favorite places to get drinks in LA but they name their cocktails after fashion greats (a Valentino anyone?) and they cater to the market crowds.

Unfortunately the Valentino is made with pisco and egg whites so I opted for a glass of rosé instead.

Last Night in SF…

Last night was our last night in San Francisco.

We had grandiose plans of sightseeing at the Golden Gate Bridge and getting on some kind of bus tour of the city but eventually realized we are more traveling patio drinkers than touristy types.

We went to an amazing dinner at Cafe Bastille and had drinks at an adorable little  french bar next door.  I love french bars, Lillet and champagne…yum.

Drinkies…Tiger Claws

I learned something about traveling.  College football is always there waiting for you at your destination.

San Francisco be damned, the LSU game was on yesterday.  We went to the Northstar Bar (official game watching spot for LSU fans) where they had turkey gumbo and po-boys for everyone.

Tiger Claws?  Sure, I’ll have three…