My New Fave Accessory…Flash Tattoos

I love a great tattoo (on someone else).

For me, I need mine a little less permanent.

flash tattoos 2

These gorgeous temporary pieces by Flash Tattoos are my most favoritest accessory I’ve found in a loooong time.  Lasts 4-6 days and you get four sheets of designs for around $20.

flash tatoos

They’re perfect for an upcoming island trip with friends to St. Thomas next month.

Since I’m flying Spirit (after promising myself “never again” twice) I need to pack light.  And being a jewelry designer, that can get impossibly hard.

I think for Mardi Gras I packed 37 bangles and never ended up wearing any; they clashed with my beads.

Flash Tattoo 3So this gives me a little luxe-boho without having to overpack (impossible!).

That means with the extra room I save on jewelry, I can pack extra headbands.


{Frock by Tracy Reese dress,; Charles Davis shoes}

For the  upcoming Fall season I have been feeling more flowy seventies style frocks over my normally very girlie look.   More Stevie Nicks less floral and lace.  Well, only a little less floral and lace.

It must be a phase.  I am extremely un-bohemian.

I guess I haven’t strayed too far from my girlie ways, I did have my tailor crop off over a foot and a half from the hem (he was very nervous but I reassured him there is no such thing as too short) so I am feeling a little more preppy-bohemian.