My best friend is coming in town from Santa Monica this weekend for a little birthday visit.

 Am I ready?  No, our visits can turn ridiculous (i.e. our almost banishment from The Huntley) so there really is no preparation.  But I have an inkling it will be exactly what we both need.

 I am so ready for the weekend…

Birthdays & Vintage Postcards…

I received the sweetest birthday card (outside is misleading) from my friend out in LA.  I got to know her through work (now defunct~ for me at least) and she grew into someone I very much value as a dear friend.  And she’s right, we need a travel show.

But as I placed it in a spot of honor on my inspiration/calendar/cork board above my work desk, it made me wonder what happened to the art of writing a note?  This made me then go dust off my stationary and I realized I’ll need new stationary if I am to become a better note writer.

So…I went to Etsy.

I found everything from prints to bears with balloons to other random bizarre things and, in the end, I decided to go with vintage postcards.

On a side note, Etsy sure is full of a lot of shabby chic junk.  Apparently just slap an Eiffel Tower on it and call it a day.