one bar cart, two bar cart, three…

I saw on the internet the other day (I’m being vague on purpose, I was pinning) the idea of taking an IKEA laptop table and making it into a bar cart.  Honestly, who would’ve thought.  Definitely not anyone who has ever met me before.

IKEA, you just sold yourself another junky laptop table.

I LOVE bar carts.  I already have two, but they’re currently in storage (and I’m over them) so I’m using that as an excuse to make another one.  So not only do I love bar carts, turns out I love DIY too.

red table bar cart

{pic of previous bar cart area…}

Unfortunately when I get an idea is my head, it quickly becomes all I think about until exorcised.  This time it has proven to be a little harder because there’s not a single IKEA in the state of Louisiana.  Although I really didn’t imagine that to be a problem, I’d just do what I had originally planned to do and order from the website.  Apparently they’re shipping straight from Sweden because the shipping cost on my $38 table was $150.

Pass.  I don’t really need a third bar cart that bad.

Except apparently I do; I could not stop thinking about how I desperately wanted this dumb table.  Like I said, there is no moving on (for anyone) until I make this table.

How bad did I want it?  Not bad enough to drive five hours to Houston for it, but evidently enough to pay someone else to drive to Houston for it.  The most amazing company exists for people who live too far away from Ikea (or are too lazy).  I found Love Blue Bag online and they make weekly trips and charge a small percentage to pick up your Swedish junk for you.

They will even put it together for you.  I have my fingers crossed my table will come in a table sized box.  I didn’t pay extra for construction.  Although I probably should, my IKEA creations always end up slightly lopsided.  Or in the case of our old dresser (sold on craigslist to a artist who specializes in erotic art – that was a weird meeting), a hammer went straight through the side.

So wish me luck.  I get it next week.

Brittany's Bar Cart

On a side note, my close friend in LA had her bar cart featured on Popsugar as the “casual cool” alternative for a bar cart.  Love this idea.

Don’t drink that cat wine though.  Terrible.

Spring Cleaning…For Spring Cocktails


I have been doing some ‘spring cleaning’, i.e. starting a project then starting another leaving previous project lying round (I’m a  Gemini, I like starting lots of projects), and decided it was time to tackle my bar area.


Theme- a combination of my two favorite things, books and cocktails.


We also had these vintage decanters sitting around in a closet, so I dusted them off and was able to replace some of the bulky liquor bottles.

The Boyfriend is apparently known for drinking Maker’s, so every holiday we receive about 3-4 bottles as gifts.   I put all the extraneous bottles in the pantry, which now looks like a distillery.  I need to find some bourbon summer cocktail recipes or else everyone is getting re-gifted Maker’s this year.

 bookcase 2

After all this polishing and cleaning, I think I need a drink.  And a manicure.

owl wine opener{love my little owlie opener, aesthetically great but functionality is not a strongpoint}

Now what other projects can I start…

Interiors…The Bar

bar areaI recently moved, and oddly enough, even as the movers were bringing things in and carting the unwanted back out, I decide it was a good a time as any to set up my bar area.  Because, God only knows, when you’re moving, you need a drink.

bar cartI collect vintage cocktail glasses, focus on mid-century, and have amassed quite an assortment.  And, as I learned when moving, I have too many books.  Actually, what I really learned when moving was I have too many things in general.

But since we were moving, I donated probably hundreds of books (did I really need two Twlight books?  Did I really even need one?) as the space is smaller in the new living are so a couple book cases had to go.

barSo this seemed the perfect way to utilize the space I had.  Bookcase/bar.

I still have too many books, they’re secretly hidden everywhere.  And apparently, I have too much liquor.  I’m joking, we all know you can never have too much liquor.

As I look at the picture above, I realize while you can always have too many copies of Twilight, you can never have too many bottles of Maker’s.