misadventures of remodeling…

When we originally bought this house in New Orleans to remodel and sell, I hadn’t personally planned on doing much manual labor.  It’s not a strong suit of mine.  I always thought of myself as more of a delegator.  Be that as it may, apparently I’m also a laborer.

But today starts the beginning of month two in our new house and things are finally starting to happen.

My mom was in town last week and told me “things seem to be moving right along” but I think she could tell I needed to hear that.  It was pretty obvious to both parties that statement was made more in regards to protecting my feelings than telling the truth.  At that point all that had happened was the countertops and sinks had been ripped out of the kitchen and every bathroom.  I’m still making bathtub coffee on the floor of tacky linoleum kitchen floor.

floor coffee

{my morning ritual}

Three weeks ago it felt like camping (or what I assume camping to be like), now it feels like defeat.  And tastes like chlorine.

So “moving right along” wasn’t the general consensus around here last week, but like I mentioned things are finally starting to happen.  Like at a glacier gliding across the arctic, you can’t see the change, but it’s happening.

When our general contractor informed us of his opinion of how much it was going to cost to update our house (it was general construction highway robbery in my opinion) I suddenly realized my second calling is in construction.  How hard could it really be?  Well, I learned it’s actually all quite hard.  But doable-ish.

I’ve noticed I start happy hour a little earlier everyday.

me stain

{my stair prison}

Three weeks ago I taught myself how to stain wood.  Here’s what  learned- it’s the worst.  It literally stinks and figuratively stinks.  But regardless I stained our stairs and banister then vowed never to go near stain again.  Last week I broke my vow and stained our bar cabinets and shelves.  Apparently during the interim week between stain jobs (when I was doing my actual real life job I seem to have forgotten all about), I must have failed to remember how terrible staining in fact was because I decided to teach myself to remove, stain and re-install old bar cabinetry.

But at this point I saved us over $2000.  And I’m just getting started.


This week I decided to teach myself, via Youtube videos, how to paint.  I’m normally an ‘act and then see where the chips may fall’ type of person but have been reprimanded about that type of behavior so I bought a paint roller.  I think it looks great.  I think everything I’ve done so far looks great.   But then again my vision is terrible and am a little biased.

So the moral of my adventure in remodeling is, when someone says “DIY”, understand it’s exponentially harder than it sounds.  Like a rough estimate of at least 110x harder.

And remember, painting is boring.  Invest in Bando’s diamond speakers.  I believe this is what all the painters have.

bando speaker

Oh, it’s 3:56 pm?  I believe it’s happy hour.

valentine’s day essentials…


All I really want for Valentine’s is someone to rub my shoulders and a bottle of wine.

But here are some other gorgeous little necessities for the big day.


Normally, The Boyfriend and I are rather anti- NYE & Valentine’s Day.  A couple of my least favorite things usually happen on these holidays~ crowds, waiting and prix-fixe menus, just to name a couple.  Especially prix-fixe menus.

Waaay to picky for that nonsense.


{ban.do bobbi pins from Anthro}

But this year, I had a change of heart; cocktails and dinner can’t be too bad.  Although I haven’t tried to make reservations yet, so maybe I’m being a little optimistic.

But my hair will look good while we wait; I’m thinking messy bun.

After an hour or so of cocktails and waiting for a table, “messy” will be inevitable.  I’d rather start with “artfully messy” than end with “cocktail messy.”