new digs…

Maybe it was that weekend of non-stop marathon HGTV watching.

Or the fact my mom is an interior designer so it hits a little close to home.

But regardless of the whys, The Boyfriend and I bought a house in New Orleans and have decided to get all ‘Property Brothers’ Louisiana-style.  I think it’s the gemini in me.  I love a new project.

And I’ve learned buying a house supplies one with lots of new projects.


Previous to this past week or so, my knowledge of outfitting a home was rather limited.  However this week, I can quote you hardwood flooring prices and teach you how to remove hideous floral wallpaper.

That and I found a new love of landscaping.  Actually “love” might be rather strong, but I can plant a plant.


{antique cut glass doors}

Aside from the pink carpet (which is in every room including bathrooms) not to mention the pink toilets and bathtubs, the house has wonderful bones we hope to build from.  Hopefully I won’t lose my mind in the process; I’m learning all this can be rather stressful.

Like moving from Texas to Louisiana.  It might as well have been to the other side of the world as smoothly as that arrangement went.